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5 thoughts on “…an ill wind that blows some good!

  1. Crumpled up and broken lying on the ground, best place for the worthless piece of expensive crap.

  2. Just in case anyone is interested, it was a team in our Labs in Germany who developed the coating that the edges of the blades are coated with, the tips and the leading edges of those blades might not look like they are going very fast, but the air speed at the edges reach quite high temps due to the velocity.

    Useless information granted, but I got it off my chest anyway.

  3. There’s a fair chance that archaeologists will dig this folly up in centuries to come, and think what a backward, primitive minds existed around that time, and draw parallels with Easter Island heads.

  4. Bernard

    Fair point, they might even learn the useless broken rusting object was linked to ‘Global warming’… and then this

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