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Oscar Pistorius was on top form during his trial, crying, wailing and vomiting into a bucket throughout. It was all worth it in the end though: he’s got away with a 5-year stretch for the killing of his girlfriend, meaning he might be home in less than a year.

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  1. As I previously wrote on ATW regarding the ‘Sporting god who can do no wrong’, I am surprised that he got a token five years, of which he will probably do ten-odd months.

    I thought that the judge would have brought her own car around to the disabled entrance, and sent him off for a nice taxpayer-paid break at the Sun City complex.

  2. he should have gotten life.

    Funny Mike when I saw Pete’s post I thought of your Kangaroo Court one.

  3. I understand he got so drunk after the verdict he was legless. (Who did I steal that from?).

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