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The first question is WHY is the UK donating any overseas aid to South Africa, and in particular in the light of this;

It is a nation racked by poverty, where 13 million people survive on less than £1 a day, and two million have no access to a toilet.  Yet as his people struggle in squalor, South African president Jacob Zuma has sparked outrage by spending £17.5 million to upgrade his rural family home. Lavish works – which include the construction of 31 new houses, an underground bunker accessed by lifts and a helipad – will cost almost as much as the £19 million British taxpayers send to South Africa in annual aid.

The ANC is a corruptocracy and the fact that we feed it these £££MILLIONS each year is a disgrace. All aid should stop forthwith.

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One thought on “ANC VALUES

  1. Does anybody give a rat’s arse what happens to sub-Saharan Africa?
    Well I do; I’d quite miss out of season runner-beans.

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