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The jet fighter-bomber pictured is but one part of the only Institution which guarantees the slogan ‘Never Again’. The Israeli Armed Forces are  the means which states that the published aim of Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and all the other hate-filled outfits so beloved of such crawling cancers such as the BBC, the Guardian, along with just about all their festering stable-mates in the Mainstream Media; which of course is the total annihilation of Jews and their homeland, the State of Israel, will never happen.

We will no doubt read of the praise and flowery statements surrounding the faint movements towards freedom in Burma, not so much of the Islamic clamp-down in Libya, possibly a few lines about the theft of democracy in Egypt, and even about the ‘Reforms’ so proudly spoken of by John Yates on the blood-stained streets of Bahrain. We won’t see or hear of many birthday wishes for the only Democracy in the whole if the Middle-East; and I just wonder why that will be?

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23 thoughts on “And a Happy Birthday, Israel

  1. “We won’t see or hear of many birthday wishes for the only Democracy in the whole if the Middle-East; and I just wonder why that will be?”

    Well, no need to wonder any longer: it’s because Israel is the only country in the region occupying another people’s homeland, conducting ethnic cleansing on a daily basis (another few “illegal” settlements declared legal this past week), allotting housing and residential rights depending on the people’s religion and treating the native population as second class citizens in their own country.

    Oh, Happy Birthday, Sectarianism.

  2. I remember years ago when I was on a kibbutz learning Hebrew, one of our class was an American Jewish guy who had been a pilot in Viet Nam. He was pretty quiet and a bit nervy.
    The kibbutzniks would often try persuading him to “make aliyah” – emigrate to Israel.
    They would go on at him about how the only place a Jew could really be safe and accepted was Israel, how awful America was etc. etc.
    The bloke kept chewing on his moustache and listening to all the insults of his country, and then very quietly he said,
    “Yeah, all we Americans are good for is Phantoms and SkyHawks…”

    And there the recruiting drive ended…

  3. “such crawling cancers such as the BBC, the Guardian, along with just about all their festering stable-mates in the Mainstream Media”

    Oh, don’t be so coy, Mike. Tell us what you really think of them.

  4. Yeah, I do.
    But my conversational skills are better than my reading.
    And it’s all getting rusty.
    Not much call for it in rural Norfolk.

    Kinda useful if you’re into church “social one upmanship” tho’ 😉

  5. That’s interesting Agi, how’d you come to learn Hewbrew? I wouldn’t have thought it to be the obvious language of choice for an English Christian.

  6. Agit8ed

    I don’t know if you do the internet radio thing, but I’d imagine it’s a good way to keep in touch with the language to a certain extent.

  7. Me too.

    My weekly listens include

    WFUV New York
    Radio Free Santa Fe ( New Mexico )

    A great way to catch faraway stations or podcasts of shows that you like.

    I’ve gotten the radios as gifts for older relatives who now can listen to radio from ” the old country “. I wish that they’d invented these things 30-40 years ago, folks would have appreciated them so much.

  8. Phantom,
    I did have Nexus, but you can waste a lot of time on trying out new stations. I usually gravitated to your Country and Western stations..
    A brilliant one I once heard, started off,
    “You’re no fun since you stopped drinkin!”
    Still makes me smile.

    A few occasions I’ll hear a crowd of Israeli tourists yakking away to each other, and I ask ’em where they’re from and how long they’re here for.
    Frightens the life out of them usually..

    Back in 1970 the asthma was getting really bad and they didn’t have the drugs. My family were all influenced by my mother’s evangelical beliefs, and her group were very excited about the State of Israel coming through the 6 Day War. Lot of Christian evangelicals believed that the founding of the the State of Israel was prophesied in the Bible.
    Anyway, I had two sisters and a brother out there working on kibbutz as volunteers.
    I was cycling home from work one evening, up a hill… and just fell off the bike -couldn’t breathe!
    That’s what decided me on going out there, and frankly, apart from the health benefits I loved it. People from all over the world – all with their story to tell of how they got there. I thought I might be out there some time, so I decided to go to a kibbutz where you could do a language programme for free. (That was the extreme left wing one that offered me to become a member).

    So you’d sometimes be sitting in the communal dining room, listening to two old fellas from Russia, telling you what it was like to go through a pogrom and have the Cossacks after you…

    And there’s these old boys sitting there telling me all this stuff, munching on raw onions like they were apples! It was a truly great experience for a Christian bloke who knew pretty much zilch about Jewish people.
    So that’s that.

  9. The opportunity to wish Israel well on the anniversary of its founding does not need to rest on militant images and warlike rhetoric. Like many nations it is governed at times with wisdom and at times with folly. But its right to exist shouldn’t be questioned.

  10. Agit8ed,

    You’re welcome.

    Having been born in the East End and having many Jewish neighbours, I came to appreciate their attitude to life in general and to family in particular.

  11. Phantom,
    This is a good thing (zeh d’var tov)

    Ernest is a good thing?
    Israel is a good thing?

    Of course there are unpleasant people who are Jewish, like the rest of us; but they do tend to be family centred.

  12. A vile, expansionist, criminal state, built on the dispossesion of another people.

  13. I could hardly be more ignorant of Israel and the prevailing circumstances but I wish it a Happy Birthday and true peace.

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