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Watching the local tv news, I was truly enchanted to  watch the report about this elderly homosexual fool who had decided that, despite all the warnings; all the reports to the contrary, all the extremely-negative published statements from Islamic scholars;  Morocco was homosexual-friendly territory.

And guess what happened to him,  when the local cops checked his phone for the PICTURES! He ‘came out’ to his family a few years ago, and was stated to be respectful of Morocco’s laws and that he is a “very discreet” person. I guess he is finding out how ‘ discreet and friendly’ the locals are in prison!

But the best bit is actually on the Sky webpage. This bloke is stated as having been arrested for being ‘gay’. No he wasn’t, he was arrested and charged with homosexual acts and activities; not for his sexual inclinations. You can be as camp as you wish, and you are not breaking Moroccan Law. It is the act which is the crime.



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8 thoughts on “and he swears he was discreet

  1. Whilst I have no truck with Morocco’s islamic laws, what a plonker!

    I have no intention of visiting any countries where islam has dominence.

    I suggest others do the samwe.

  2. I recently decided to cancel an upcoming trip to Tunisia. I will go eventually but now is not the time.

  3. He is shocked, shocked, that Morocco isn’t just like San Francisco.

    His human rights have been violated.

    He should sue the king of Morocco in an OJ court and ask for punitive damages for the emotional distress caused by this injustice.

  4. He was arrested for standing at a bus stop and having his phone searched by the police because they suspected he was gay. He was jailed because the phone is said to have contained a ‘compromising photo’. Nothing in the article offers any indication that he committed homosexual acts in Morocco . He does not deserve the mocking he is getting here.

  5. In Moroccan eyes, is this not bringing pornography into the country?

    As various readers posted on the newspaper article, ” when in Rome do as the Romans do “

  6. Yes, precisely Colm.

    Right now, any white face in an Arab country is fair game, and no doubt he was seen walking along holding the hand of another man, and the police took an instant interest.
    What he had on his phone file could be interpreted by the police in any way they wanted.
    They had collared a white European, and that’s what counted.

  7. //You can be as camp as you wish, and you are not breaking Moroccan Law. It is the act which is the crime.//

    Yes, I believe ISIS are equally liberal; they say that you can be as Christian as you wish, it’s just practising that religion that’s a crime.

    //is this not bringing pornography into the country?//

    So he was done for pornography?
    I thought it was something to do with being or acting gay.

    Morrocco is apparently full of gays. It has for a long time being a favourite holiday destination for European gays, and maybe this arrest is just part of a political clampdown by some moral brigade. M is also a centre for plastic surgery for some reason, and sex change operations were being performed in Morocco long before they became legal in Europe.

    BTW, Bernard, you could hardly be more wrong with your holding hands thing. It’s a normal sight across north Africa to see men holding hands. One memory of Masah Matruh was two soldiers standing guard in front of some govt building, both holding hands like lovers. I also saw the mayor of the town and some senior policeman, hand in hand, having an afternoon doze in their chairs.

  8. Just googled around to find more info on this…it seems as though the police might have known the Moroccan friend was gay and that’s why they were stopped at the bus stop. Also, I read that authorities in Morocco are fearful that if they don’t crack down on ‘liberal’ ideas, the conservatives will put up a stink and they’ll have a bigger problem.

    Ray Cole met Jamal Jam Wald online a few months ago and the two struck up a relationship. Mr Cole Snr. had previously been to Morocco on a two week holiday to meet Mr Wald, and was in the fourth week of a second break with Mr Wald when the pair were arrested. They had been waiting for a bus back to Mr Wald’s apartment when they were approached by police.
    Adrian said “They took Jamal away from the bus and treated him poorly and my dad didn’t walk away. He should have but he didn’t.
    “It was then the police took Jamal’s phone, which they didn’t have the right to do, and they took his password and saw the picture.”
    Speaking to Pink News, he added “The Consulate tried to visit him but were initially turned way, and told he had refused to see them. But when we spoke to him, he didn’t know anything about it.
    “He’s had a couple of minor strokes before and has a minor heart condition. He has also been suffering with depression, which the court didn’t take into account.
    “Why they haven’t just deported him no one seems to be able to be able to explain.”

    The guy was in poor health to begin with…I hope the media attention works and the authorities let him go…

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