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So I bet that you, along with all the other Belfast City Council taxpayers, are really pleased with your ‘contribution’ to ‘peace in the region’, along with the fact that ‘it provides a stunning welcome to visitors to Belfast and will be an inspiration to all our citizens for years to come.’

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4 thoughts on “and it only cost £500,000.00!

  1. I think we should have four or five of these ‘balls’ at all main entrances to the city. I can’t see any reasons why Belfast City residents would complain about seeing their rates increased for this excellent use of public money. Imean, it’s not the councillors who are paying for this one either.

  2. Ignorant, unevolved Neanderthals love “BLING”. And this piece of illuminated glass would even appeal to the Tallaghfornia crowd. It’s amazing the travellers haven’t demanded one of these erected at every halting site.

    Like infants with a sparkly toy they gaze in awe and fill their pea-brains with glorious fantasy.

    Only difference is infants remain in their pens, fill their nappies, vomit and drool.

    Whilst the grown up infants roam the streets, drool, shit, piss, fight, break windows and vomit.

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