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For all the senior religious leaders’ promised ‘lessons learned’ along with all the rest of the lying perverts’ cover-up from the Anglican Church, the Roman Catholic church, the Methodist church; this is possibly the first move by ANY Church leader to lay the ultimate blame with the senior churchmen responsible for the years of surreptitious cover-up, of lying, of the suffering in silence of countless children.

The words of the Christian God went:- “Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.  Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein”.

The scum who posed as priests, vicars, men of God; whatever the name, those who were protected, and violated the sanctuary which was the trust given them by the very title which they wore, have now mostly been exposed; many have died since the commission of their crimes, but those in charge have prospered, have lived the good life, most have not been exposed for the facilitators and veritable organisers of this terrible indignities handed out to their silent, suffering victims.

Unlike most of England, I had personal knowledge of such a pervert. I walked, talked, laughed and indeed, worked alongside this man: and until we were told, from the pulpit of the church which I previously attended, that he had been arrested for gross indecency against a group of altar-boys, that he had amassed a collection of child pormography which literally staggered the police investigation: he walked and talked as I, such was the level of deceit in this evil clown.

I asked him, whilst on a prison visit, what had caused the commission of this vile crime? All I found was drivel and treachery, all I heard was a self-serving bleat that he could not help himself!


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5 thoughts on “and it was the Children who, indeed, suffered!

  1. I think the majority of folk just couldn’t believe what they heard and read when the full scale of this perversion in our various church’s was first revealed. I’m sure we had all heard the stories of Scout and choir masters and the occasional priest and their overly familiar relationships with young males, but the sheer scale of it when revealed was absolutely staggering, to say the least. The hypocrisy of it all was the ‘straw that finally broke the camel’s back’, as far as ever being able to be believe or trust any of them again.

    All I hope is that this is not the blow that destroys our faith for evermore. If ever there was a case for justice to be done, and seen to be done, this is it.

    Such a pity that it has taken such a long time before any real action has been taken by the hierarchy, or that this crime could turn out to be the ultimate and most destructive of sins.

  2. Excellent and very timely post, Mike.

    What you say about the church in Ireland is very true, although you’re still only on the surface. The church of course dominated Irish politics and the media, etc. But it also dominated the vast majority of the population in more insidious ways, effectively controlling them from the cradle to the grave (literally in both cases). With its control of education, its hundreds of social organisations and centres, the church and its agents were in fact the thought police in Ireland, forcing self-censorship, fear and paranoia about being caught committing “sin” that drove many people to violence, to drink or to the lunatic asylum.

    Of course for Irish Catholicism sin meant sex and sex meant sin. You could get drunk every night, beat your wife into hospital, slander your neighbour to your heart’s content, lie and cheat and exert power over the defenceless – all peccadilloes compared to the big SIN of sex.

    It’s ironic that the source of all that terror about sinning is now known to have also been the main source of the sin itself. For those of us who can remember the church’s successful political crusades against divorce, contraception etc. because of the sin of sex that those pagan practices entailed, there is something deliciously just about the church falling on its own sword so thoroughly.

    // Was the man who had preached reconciliation, peace and charity the same who was accused of sacrificing the innocents to further his own perverted ends?//

    Interesting story. And it raises a more general point: can we ever really be certain we know somebody? When those ridiculous parents and wives say that their Jimmy simply can’t be the killer, as everyone knows he wouldn’t hurt a fly, they are telling the truth as they see it. I often think people who live closest to the person are the ones who know him the least.

  3. Noel,

    Yes an excellent post on an long overdue topic.

    It seems the rot has been festering in many guises for many a long year. My wife recently bought to my attention a book she was reading about the history of the Magdalene laundries, – a most frightful tale of cruelty against the innocent and pursued by the distaff agents of that same religion that we all once had so much faith in.

    That the laundries were formed so relatively recently – 1927 and existed until the late 1970’s, really does make me wonder how blind we in the West must have been on such matters.

    I’m sure you have heard all the horror stories of their activities, and having had a Catholic prep school start in life myself, I was well aware of just how strict – I’m not sure that’s the right word, – those nuns could be. even so, the book makes for some horrific reading.

    Does being so close really make us blind?

  4. I just read the NUM are demanding a Police investigation into events in Rotherham. Great cept they mean Orgreave where striking trouble makers got their just deserts not the vile Labour party condoned child abuse. Shame on them.

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