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As with many others, I really do like finding myself, once again, right on the money when I post even when discussing a tragedy.

Little Mikaeel Kular had only a short span of life on this uncaring planet. I wrote a short epistle on the sheer stupidity of the police and the ‘Community’ organising searches when he was ‘discovered missing’ early one morning.

The opening of the murder trial of his mother  reflects the brutal truth that his life was snuffed out by his mother Rosdeep Adekoya over a four-day period of savagery.

Just think, if the police had acted upon instinct and local knowledge, and searched the distant property earlier; if the ‘social workers‘ had had more than two active brain cells between the whole bunch; all those flowers, cuddly toys and candles would not have littered the grounds and grass, the ‘Community’ would not have had the satisfaction of wallowing in the collective ‘grief’ process;  and this callous excuse for a mother would have been locked up just that little bit sooner!


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