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One of the blogs I read regularly is Paul Staines’ Guido Fawkes. Naturally, I do not agree with all the stances and positions he espouses, but enough to warrant an extremely regular return to his viewpoints.

As I said, not all our good ‘plotting’ friend Guido writes is of the best, he tends to concentrate a tad too much on the bubbling Westminster village for my own taste, but, once every so often, his blog comes up with the goods. As in this small treasure from the UKIP conference, and the fascinating video posted within the comments section; reproduced below.

As for the lady speaker, absolutely great. I would hope to see and hear a great deal more from this superb example of a truly-majestic politician!

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3 thoughts on “and now for something different:-

  1. Took a quick look, no husband or children on record in her 53 years of life.

    Might be a wee clue, Mike.

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