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When Libya commenced the eruption which ended Gaddafi’s rule in that nation, some nations did more than others to help defeat the Libyans with their heavy weaponry, sophisticated radar and fast jets. Britain and France piled in, bombing targets of opportunity, and America helped with massive logistics support. But America, or rather one small, secretive part of America, did a little bit more than hump bombs and bullets for their Allies to drop or fire at the Libyan Armed Forces.

Seems as though the CIA sent around eighty Stinger missiles to Qatar, their long-time and trusted ally in the Gulf, for onwards transmission to the Libyan rebels who were having a hard time fighting against the fast jets of the Libyan AirForce. The CIA, well-known of course for trusting the wrong people in that truly duplicitous region, forgot that the Qataris are first and foremost proponents of the Wahabbi Sect of Muslim Islam, hard-liners of the first order.

So where did fifty of the CIA-supplied Stinger missiles end up?

Why in Afghanistan, of course!

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  1. It was mentioned the other day that foreign policy often seems to be a weak point in American administrations. This is curious in a nation which leads the world in research and development in so many other areas of endeavour.

    Perhaps it is a weakness of our democratic system which means that each successive administration has to “re-learn” the characteristics of the people they have to deal with? Or is it part of that assumption that the rest of the world thinks the same way as they do, hence the desire to bring democracy to the world?

    I offer this not as a criticism, rather an observation.

  2. One day soon I hope, the world will find an alternative to gas & oil, and Qatar etc will sink back into the dried-up sand pit from whence they crawled.

  3. I was about to look up verified alternative energy sources, and found this..

    “More Inventor Lives Threatened
    Somebody Loaded with Cash,
    Doesn’t Want Safe Cheap Energy

    If you have any leads with substance,
    please contact me at Leroy (at) commutefaster.com

    I have listed the only details I dare at this point below.””


    I started to read and one thought leapt out at me…..

  4. Agit – if you want to know about suppression of alternative energy, here it is. Remember, you were told that it doesn’t exist, and you believe what you’re told:

    2014 Cold Fusion/LANR Colloquium at MIT

    The Colloquium occurs one month from now on the 25th anniversary of the announcement of the discovery of cold fusion by scientists Drs. Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons. Banished from mainstream science institutions and academic journals, research in what is now called condensed matter nuclear science continues to accelerate towards breakthrough energy technology as scientists gather to discuss the latest results in formulating a theory for the elusive reaction, more professors are bringing research into academic labs, and a growing number of companies race to develop proto-type technologies that promise a revolution in power generation.

  5. If they had meetings about it at MIT, and if companies are racing to create prototypes, then it’s not being very well suppressed now.

  6. No Phantom – because others pursued the fundamental science beyond the level of deniability. But try and get a patent which relates to the technology and the US Patent Office rejects the application outright – no protected Intellectual Property, and that’s one way to suppress the technology of cold fusion.

  7. That’s exactly what’s happening. Here is one of the principal inventors/discoverers describing the history and science behind cold fusion:

    Now who believes that cold fusion doesn’t exist and hasn’t been suppressed?

  8. The US isn’t the only country in the world. Patent it in Japan and Europe and reap the rewards.

  9. From 5.30 – why cold fusion is suppressed (hint – it involves money, energy corporates and banks). An example of how science, especially physics, has been perverted for decades ever since Tesla was swindled by JP Morgan:

  10. Unless there are export restrictions, a lot of the US oil and especially gas will be exported to Europe and India etc as prices are higher there.

    Americans do not necessarily own a right to buy that US production at all, not in a world of free trade.

  11. it would be one of the biggest boons our nation has seen in 100yrs creating jobs and wealth. Plus the Europeans benefit by having us as their suppliers rather than the supporters of jihad.

    I call that a win win

  12. Your water supplies are being destroyed by the operations to get hydrocarbons. In fact, ground water is so heavily contaminated that it burns.

    One of the most outrageous and unbelievable effects of fracking in some areas is the phenomenon of tap water becoming flammable, straight from the tap, due to methane and other gasses leaching into ground wells and water supplies. Watching a faucet set on fire and hearing the stories of the people involved is not something that can be too readily dismissed, and here are a 5 examples of this:


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