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In the area of possible and credible controls on guns, gun owners, sizes of magazines, etc.; along with all the other issues raised by this truly delicate subject, one man and his very well-funded organization has become a true stumbling block to any progress at all. The man is of course Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire mayor of New York, and his organization is ‘Mayors against illegal guns’.

I have my own view on ‘gun control’ as well as the Second Amendment, and I accept that there are probably as many views as there are Americans. But I have a small question for Mayor Bloomberg, and it is this:-

“If you wish to disarm all Americans, or even only just a few, will you start by confirming that none of your bodyguards and security men will be armed from the day that you succeed in passing any of your authoritarian ideas into law?”

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3 thoughts on “and the reply was….

  1. Where does he say he wants to disarm all americans?

    And who would disagree that some americans need to be disarmed?

  2. The ” disarm all ” is an NRA lie. Everyone who has ever used it at any time knows it to be a lie.

    It is their use of Goebbels’ ” big lie ” theory, in a very intentional way to inflame the stupid and to make honest discussion impossible.

  3. It’s not a lie, it’s Bloombergs stated goal. He has said it repeatedly. His Mayors against illegal guns, has never put forth any stance against criminals who posses guns and use them in crimes. The organization has done nothing except try to make it ILLEGAL for the NON Criminal to own guns.

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