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I am no fan of the Sun newspaper, I consider its editorial and reader policies to be aimed at the lowest common denominator possible; with the extra addition of the daily foray into mental masturbation. Sport, tits, ‘Slebs’ gossip, they’re all in the pages which I normally consider unfit to wrap chips in. But, very occasionally, they produce a small, pure gem which deserves a wider, more discerning and educated audience: especially in view of the ongoing charade of the Labour leadership.

The Sun, with the active participation of Guido as cheerleader, has produced, (without paywall) a forensic piece with specific regard to the rule of Burnham when he was Secretary of State for Health, in the good old days before Stafford, along with its hospital, became truly toxic.

Sir Ian Kennedy, chairman of the Healthcare Commission which regulated NHS care standards at the time, said the estimated 1,200 needless deaths in four years constituted the most shocking scandal he had investigated.

Yet not a single public sector employee was properly held to account and scores of legal challenges have been launched by patients’ families.

So, just for a change, read The Sun, when it produces news, and concentrated comment: like newspapers should always do!


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