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Apart from my own family, inclusive of my three grandsons, along with classical music, there are few things which move me these days.

So I thought I would post an amazing video of a truly amazing deep-sea vessel, built for one purpose, to lay large-diameter piping from A to B on the sea-bed with speed, skill and Engineering with a Capital ‘E’ at the forefront.

From a lifetime spent on engineering projects both small and huge, I give you the ‘Audacia’. This is Engineering with a high-gloss finish!

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3 thoughts on “and then place thumb over button….and press!

  1. Spectacular stuff. Those pistons are enormous.

    So that’s a Swiss firm, in a country without a coastline, procuring a magnificent vessel to lay pipes. This is the essence of public service.

    Truly, capitalism is the most wonderful of miracles.

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