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We see them all the time, those unfortunates who live on the outskirts of our ‘oh-so-Humane Society’. The mental wrecks, the druggies, the lost, the lame and the hopeless. They live in doorways, in parks and in subways, the detritus of our ‘caring’ civilization. Occasionally, a Government Minister will announce a new push to get these people off the streets, and into ‘suitable accomodation’ but mostly the street people don’t want to know about the ‘rules’ associated with places ‘suitable’ or otherwise, they just want to be left alone, to do with their lives what they want, and; once the headlines subside, so do the ‘do-gooders’.

But what a commentary upon our oh-so-caring Society when a team of ‘contractors’ tears down the simple dwelling of an elderly lady because of ‘Health and Safety’ concerns.

£11.4 Billion for the Olympics; £30 Billion for a High Speed rail line which no-one wants, but no budget whatsoever, either of money or of humanity,  nothing for a confused and elderly lady who wanted just to be left alone!

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One thought on “And they talk about ‘Fairness’!

  1. Apologies to Mike for immediate OT but this is interesting:


    – A little-known power enjoyed by the Queen and Prince of Wales to alter new laws is due to be exposed after the government lost a legal battle to keep details of its application private.

    The information commissioner has ruled that the Cabinet Office must publish an internal Whitehall guide to the way the senior royals are consulted before legislation is introduced to ensure it does not harm their private interests. –

    So, they really could have done something to prevent the takeover of the EU, but saw no conflict with their private interests. What a shower of shit this Royal Family is.

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