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It is indeed encouraging to learn that this particular parasite has met with an early yet well-deserved death.

The news should be of some comfort to those who are left with a possibly life-threatening condition, brought on by this thug’s contempt for his victims.

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6 thoughts on “and unto dust……

  1. As a Christian I have to say I could wish that he had made his peace with God and the families involved.

    And that’s it. We don’t believe you should be forgiven anyway. He deserved to be punished.

  2. Thanks Aileen.
    We can always count on you for a balanced opinion….

    Most sensible thing you’ve said all day Agit8ed.

  3. Colm

    Being concerned about whether someone actually did what he was accused of before condemning him is an example of political correctness gone mad 😉

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