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Hands on collective hearts, that:-



Lessons have been learned!

Amy Howson, 6 months: Father broke daughter’s spine in anger at her crying

Ryan Hawkins, 4: Stabbed in revenge for affair

Amy Philcox, 7, and Owen Philcox, 3: Gassed in the car after divorce

Jade, 10, John, nine, Jack, eight, Jesse, six, and Jayden, five, all died in their beds. Elder sibling Duwayne Philpott 13, died in hospital two days later.

little Mathew and Carla Stevenson choosing sweets in a baker’s shop, just four hours before their father slit their throats?

Little Peter Connelly, whose parentally-inflicted injuries included a broken back before his brutalised body succumbed

…and over one hundred more of the saddest stories, repeated over and over again !

Just for your own information, from what I have been able to research, in the time period covered by these tragic and totally-avoidable deaths, two social workers have lost their jobs, one ‘social worker’ regained her post after a Tribunal hearing; a further One senior manager has been sacked; and that is the sum total of people who have been disciplined in any way whatsoever for their gross negligence.


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One thought on “…and we can guarantee….

  1. Voters, cranks and habitual complainers who rail against paying government workers, especially in the social service area, wake up when there are tragic headlines, and then fall back asleep while social workers are underpaid and overworked yet out of a sense of vocation try to do the best they can for these children.

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