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I lived and worked in South Africa for many years, and thoroughly enjoyed my life, watching my family grow; working, studying and learning, so that I eventually progressed to Engineering Management. My original field was heavy electrical engineering, but progressed through necessity to encompass some knowledge of mechanical and civil engineering.

One item which South Africa possessed, and what was indeed treasured, was the vast infrastructure of the electricity power grid, which is so vital to uphold everything else needed to run a modern economy. Built up over many years, and expanded with good planning, the power grid grew exponentially; and Escom, the generating and supply Authority, took its duties seriously; planning, expanding and maintaining the stations and the grid which spread for vast distances across the South African landscape.

During the entire time I spent in South Africa, never once was there a need for brown- or black-outs due to a lack of station capacity, or generation equipment being stood down because of a lack of spares, or essential maintenance. That was how things were, and that was what was expected. I won contracts from Escom for my company, and I grew to enjoy working with knowledgeable and dedicated engineers and technical staff, whilst installing research and generation switchyard equipment, as well as power station cabling.

Fast forward some thirty years, which time encompasses the rise of the fabled ‘Rainbow Nation’, access to the equally-fabled ‘vote’, and the takeover of a thriving economy by the thieving thugs of the Communist A.N.C. and Black rule, together with ‘Black Empowerment’ (shorthand in Black-ruled South Africa for legalised expropriation and outright theft); and what does the Nation now see?


They simply see excuses! 


They cannot see much else, because the lights keep going out!


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27 thoughts on “and who switched the lighting off?

  1. It is clear that even when the lights were on in the old days you were still living in the dark.

  2. Why isn’t Mike just honest enough to say that he thinks the political and economic system that gave him a privileged life and superior access to work and social freedoms purely because he had white skin and enabled him to have an enjoyable good life at the expense of Africans with black skin was the right system and should have been retained regardless of how humiliating and unjust it was to black people. All this waffle about electricity is just a roundabout way of saying that.

  3. Why doesn’t Mike just state that with an average IQ of 70, blacks are too stupid to maintain an electrical power grid without the assistance of the whites whom they are trying to kill:


    Since the beginning of Black rule in 1994 around 70,000 Whites have been murdered though exact figures are difficult to come by because the police have stopped breaking down victim statistics by race.

  4. Allan

    At least you are more honest and upfront than “I will go round the houses to make my point” Mike.

  5. Colm – I’m honest, upfront and correct, with emphasis on the last one. Show me that I’m wrong.

  6. Allan

    It is factually incorrect to state that being black causes someone to have a low IQ or that black people cannot run an electricity supply or that being black causes an individual to want to kill a white person. Apart from that yes you are correct.

  7. The problem is the tradition, geography, local corruption and to a lesser extent the behaviour of the West.
    Nevertheless some black African countries manage a higher GDP than most Latin American or even some whiter-than-white European countries. So Allan is of course talking racist bullshit.

    As for Mike’s complaints about the SA power grid – better occasional power cuts than a permanent Heart of Darkness.

  8. Of course silly whites understand racism. The fact of clear differences in the intelligence of races is beyond them yet, paradoxically, their stupidity strengthens the position of their case as it shows that whilst blacks are evidently incapable of running an electricity grid, there are some whites who fit snugly into the natural distribution curve of intelligence for blacks.

    Now on this thread alone one sees that power cuts are about to hit energy-rich South Africa, one sees that blacks are attempting to wipe out whites in South Africa, and that black Africa only has electricity in the parts that have either a) whites or b) oil, said electricity being run by oil-related interests.

    Any black country that has a higher GDP than a white country has oil or something else. With an IQ south of 70, how can a black country attain a standard of living near that of a white country? For anybody who doubts that statement on relative IQs, just say so as I have no problem with providing supporting evidence – or is that ‘racist’?

    And now, ‘racism’ means stopping ebola reaching the US: that’s what jews tell us.


    The Jewish Director of the Center for Disease Control Tom Frieden has just written a ridiculous opinion editorial explaining why he doesn’t support a travel ban to the Ebola infested regions of West Africa. It almost looks like a satire piece considering the insane arguments that this Jew makes. He acts like it is our duty to help these Blacks in West Africa deal with the Ebola virus. This is despite the fact that these people are incapable of helping themselves. In Sierra Leone the government is so incompetent that they have been unable to adequately compensate the people who have been tasked with removing the corpses of Ebola victims. As a result, Ebola infected bodies have rotted in the streets. Even worse is the fact that some of these people don’t want our help as evidenced by a Red Cross team that was attacked by local Blacks in Guinea.

    Despite all of this, it would obviously be “racist” to place a travel ban on any African nation regardless of the circumstances. It also impedes Barack Obama’s open borders agenda that is facilitating the on-going third world invasion of America. So because of political correctness and Obama’s desire for illegal alien amnesty, we have to put millions of people at risk of catching Ebola. This is just stupid.

    Tom Frieden should immediately be removed as CDC head for his irrational stance on this matter. Unfortunately, it will probably take thousands of Americans getting infected with Ebola before people in power start suggesting this as a possible course of action.

  9. Nevertheless some black African countries manage a higher GDP than most Latin American or even some whiter-than-white European countries.

    Of course, but it’s GDP per capita which counts. Nigeria has a higher GDP than (say) Andorra, but per capita Andorrans are vastly richer.

    According to this map, only Equatorial Guinea can compete with white countries on a GDP per capita basis, and that’s because it floats on oil. Who can doubt that it must also be astonishingly corrupt, that most people are dirt poor and that a few are extraordinarily rich?

  10. //”Nevertheless some black African countries manage a higher GDP than most Latin American or even some whiter-than-white European countries.”

    Of course, but it’s GDP per capita which counts.//

    OK, sorry, I’ll rephrase that:

    Nevertheless some black African countries manage a higher GDP per capita than most Latin American or even some whiter-than-white European countries.

    Allan is still talking racist bullshit.

  11. Troll – have you always been so stupid? Here’s some hate:


    Noel – there are enough posts by me on this thread for you to show me somewhere that I’m wrong. So why not show me that I’m wrong. Bear in mind that to somebody like me, being called ‘racist’ is not an insult and does not end an argument. I’m politically incorrect: show me that I’m factually incorrect.

    Correction – at 3.07pm, the text should be: Of course silly whites DON’T understand racism.

  12. //So why not show me that I’m wrong.//

    OK, you said that a black country cannot “have a standard of living near that of a white country” when in fact several exceed it.

    You said blacks have a low IQ, when millions probably have a higher “IQ” than you do.

  13. Noel Cunningham –

    You keep on saying that some black African countries (plural) have higher standards of living than some white countries, or that they have a higher GDP per capita.

    This is not so. My 5.00pm link shows otherwise. If you believe that your statement is correct, then which countries do you have in mind?

  14. OK, you said that a black country cannot “have a standard of living near that of a white country” when in fact several exceed it.

    Show me.

  15. The World Chess Championships start explosively on 5th Nov next month, in Russia.
    The current world number 1 is a Norwegian, but the challenger is…wait for it…a black guy!
    Well not quite, he’s from India, so he’s nearly black.

  16. //If you believe that your statement is correct, then which countries do you have in mind?//

    Well, for example, Botswana. According to IMF figures, its GDP has been close or above the world average for almost 20 years.
    In 2013 it had a per capita GDP of over USD 17K, which puts it at a level with Rumania and Mexico and above the performance of such while countries as Bulgaria, Serbia, twice the rate of Ukraine, as well as Brazil and half a dozen other Latin American countries.

    This is only one example, but if Allan’s bullshit about “races” were in any way true, it would be impossible.

    Before someone rushes in to say minerals don’t count (as if no white country had minerals), that sector, while once the mainstay of the economy, now accounts for a quarter of output, and the financial and service sector are now the biggest earners.

    Maybe, Pete, you might even look beyond the race and find something to like in this black country. Here’s Wiki:

    Botswana abolished foreign exchange controls in 1999, has a low corporate tax rate (15%), no prohibitions on foreign ownership of companies, and a moderate inflation rate (7.6% November 2004).

    With its proven record of good economic governance, Botswana was ranked as Africa’s least corrupt country by Transparency International in 2004, ahead of many European and Asian countries. In 2004 Botswana was once again assigned “A” grade credit ratings by Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s. This ranks Botswana as by far the best credit risk in Africa and puts it on par with or above many countries in central Europe, East Asia, and Latin America.

    Given Botswana’s lack of exchange controls, stable currency and exceptionally performing stock market, the financial sector has attracted a host of global investors seeking better returns.

  17. Bernard – Vishy Anand has been around for a while and he isn’t nearly black. Indians aren’t black or African, as you know 🙂

    My “bullshit” about races is perfectly true and we all know it. Races exist, and there are many differences between races, the most important being intelligence. One essential shared by all countries which have intelligence levels above those of black Africa is the ability to industrialise. This is because industrialisation requires scientists, engineers and engineering trades, and these fields of expertise require real intelligence from what is today’s term STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics – noting the absence of ‘social sciences’ and similar garbage which has infiltrated academia.

    The (sole and single) example of Botswana given by Noel in a desperate effort to cover his weakness shows that Botswana too has not industrialised. It has not because it cannot. The average IQ of sub-Saharan Africans is below 70, and that does not support industrialisation. Gorillas have a greater intellectual capacity than sub-Saharan Africans, and are less likely to rape, rob and murder naïve white people like Noel:



    Wicherts, Dolan, and van der Maas (2009) contend that the average IQ of sub-Saharan Africans is about 80. A critical evaluation of the studies presented by WDM shows that many of these are based on unrepresentative elite samples. We show that studies of 29 acceptably representative samples on tests other than the Progressive Matrices give a sub-Saharan Africa IQ of 69; studies of the most satisfactory representative samples on the Standard Progressive Matrices give an IQ of 66; studies of 23 acceptably representative samples on the Colored Progressive Matrices give an IQ of 71. The international studies of mathematics, science, and reading give a sub-Saharan African IQ of 66. The four data sets can be averaged to give an IQ of 68 as the best reading of the IQ in sub-Saharan Africa.

  18. http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/ptop/plain/A15826386

    Still, some 34 years later, Koko has a vocabulary of over 1000 signs, and can understand more than 2000 English words. She has an IQ of 70-75 (below the average human IQ of 100), but the tests are obviously designed for humans and therefore biased to measure human responses.

    Koko is a female gorilla. And the average IQ level of humans worldwide and in the UK is falling due to the increasing numbers of Africans and their diaspora.

  19. First Allan claims that a black country cannot have a standard of living near that of a white country, then when I show that that’s wrong, he starts talking about industrialisation and gorillas.

    //the average IQ level of humans worldwide and in the UK is falling//

    Allan, if you were genuinely concerned about maintaining the average IQ level in the UK, you’d move back to Norway and see that figure soar.

  20. The fact that Allan can seriously posit a view that gorillas have greater intelligence and capacity than black skinned human beings shows that he has on this topic moved beyond fanatic loathing and into the realms of real farcical idiocy.

  21. The fact that Colm and Noel can seriously state that blacks are as intelligent as whites and simultaneously fail to dispute the solid evidence to the contrary shows just how badly the education system has failed – or perhaps such engendered stupidity is the intention? Even a gorilla can see that whites are more intelligent than blacks. And now the average IQ of humans is falling, brought about by the rising population of blacks. In the link at 1.01am, the BBC states that the average human IQ is 100, though that figure applies only to whites. The average world IQ is currently 88 and declining:


    Evidence suggests the IQs of people in the UK, Denmark and Australia have declined in the last decade.

    Of course it has – there are more blacks and mulattos in all ‘white’ countries.

  22. In this clip from 2010, Danish Professor of Developmental Psychology, Helmuth Nyborg, debates with a ‘brain researcher’ on the topic of the effect of mass immigration from countries with low IQs. The ‘brain researcher’ uses all sorts of acrobatics to claim that when Africans move to Europe, their IQ will become higher, apparently by magic – very much like Colm and Noel would do. But one of the commentators points out that the effects can be measured empirically simply by visiting Detroit, or even Sweden.

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