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The question is, are they being pro-active, reactive, retrospective, introspective, or just plain silly?

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6 thoughts on “Another Trayvon query

  1. they’re being responsible, in the sense that now would not be a good time to release a film that makes fun of a situation that is being attacked by the racist industry cheer led by the president

  2. Bad fortune for the people who made that film

    As was the case ages ago when someone had an exceptionally unfortunate name for a Appetite Suppressing Candy

    Though it had been a popular enough product, the name was radioactive for obvious reasons and it was soon withdrawn from the market.

  3. Yeah, it’s so obvious that the real victim in all this is the shooter Zimmermann. The coon (Zimmermann’s word) got just what he deserved.

    And I know there are several of this parish who think just that. They know who they are.

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