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There is a Channel 4 ‘Dispatches’ documentary on Monday about Ken Livingstone and his tenure as Mayor. Worth a watch since Ken,as reported by Harrys Place, has sent a letter to the chief executive of Channel 4, Andy Duncan, claiming that the programme is, in effect, a party political broadcast on behalf of Boris Johnson. 

Nick Cohen in the Observer today, also via Harrys Place, ‘who begins with the essential truth of why Ken Livingstone is unfit of be the mayor of London’

"To understand why Ken Livingstone is unfit to be the Labour candidate for mayor of London, you have to grasp that he has never moved away from the grimy conspirators of the totalitarian left, who have always despised the democratic traditions of the Labour movement."

This is my city, it’s our grand Capital, i love it and it deserves better than gang culture, vile rape stories and slimy fascist loving mediabug Ken. I couldn’t care less for personalities and media hype when it comes to these elections, though Ill concede his whiny twang and surly face make me reach for the remote every time he appears. It should be fought on policy. 

This is Boris’s new website.  Since he won the primarys he has been rather quiet. He intends to run City Hall in 4 months time and this is a series of posts about the policies on the agenda and a bit about London from someone who loves this place.  This is a long one because its my bugbear. The rest will be shorter!

On his website Boris suggests that his new site will be "the chance to share what you love and loathe about the borough you live in…" Well, I already know what i really love (a LOT) and i know what i truly loathe about the borough I live in – and it all falls into the areas he is tackling.

Safety, gang culture, thuggery, knife crime.

Boris launched his strategy for tackling the growing problem of gang violence in London with a hard-hitting advert in the Evening Standard.  In an accompanying article he outlined the key themes of this strategy: "using the direct involvement of community groups and mentoring schemes across London to counter gang culture", and "toughening up policing in the capital to make streets safer" "Use mobile scanners in hot spots around London at tube stations, festivals, etc" To "Drive out political correctness" but before you get excited he means that it is not about one section of the community in London: The knife is colour blind and does not discriminate. "Get more police on the streets". "Sports Funding: Ring-fence a part of the LDA budget to invest specifically in community sports projects around London". "Housing: Make designing out crime a key priority in the London Plan so we don’t make the mistakes of the past". "Transport: Make public transport safer by running a live CCTV trial on buses".

There are a number of issues in there. Ill take a couple. For Boris it’s about working with the police and communities to prevent young Londoners becoming victims of gang violence and investing in more full-time officers, whose numbers are in decline. Here’s what i think.

Yes we need more police, freed up from paperwork with a proper ‘remit’ to arrest criminals and for them to know the thugs they arrest will see a court and go through a legal process that doesn’t see them back out on the streets having had a light slap on the wrist.

We need tougher looking MALE police officers! I don’t care about race and religion but officers seem to be shrinking in more ways than one. I walked past 3 this evening who were employed for their gender and race and who looked about as menacing as me. They were shorter than me – by some way.  It’s not rocket science that police officers should command authority and inspire confidence.  And that it isn’t all about carrying firearms. I’m talking about beat officers – not the ones that race around in cars all day or S019.  It’s beat officers we need in droves.

Maybe we could have SO19 stationed permanently in some travel and key areas? They used to be stationed in the City at checkpoints. We need more of them too. Although I’m not sure about this little plan either.  (Contrary to what some may think I’ve never been that keen on female officers or for that matter female soldiers on the front line).

But this is the killer:

  • We must strengthen neighbourhood policing and beef up the powers of community support officers so that they can take action to protect Londoners.

Community officers?? Give me a break. They’re crap. I direct about 14 tourists a day to the British Museum and noone pays me.

In an interesting write up on gang culture relating to the points above he summarised:-

    • To make our streets safer, we must of course begin with the police. It’s not just a question of ensuring a more visible police presence, and cutting the paperwork that keeps so many officers in the back room. We need a clear signal – from the top of the Met – that tackling the gangs is a priority. We need to do far more to end the prevalence of knives and guns on the streets and on public transport, and it is time we at least considered the use of remote hand-held scanners that can detect weapons at a distance. The idea has been promoted by Lord Stevens, the former Commissioner, and it has the advantage of allowing officers to "search" without stopping, and without being seen to victimise some communities. We need to prevent the teenage gangs from treating the buses as getaway cars, and intimidating other passengers (correct!). That’s why I have proposed a trial of live CCTV on some routes, so that the police can see the violence taking place as soon as they are alerted to it by the bus driver – and immediately go to the scene".

Mobile scanners and the latest CCTV all sound good if there is a response to it that works when needed. I’ve seen the live CCTV try outs on our buses and its pretty incredible technology, very clear. I’m in two minds about CCTV.  Obviously it was of enormous benefit in 2005 and 2007.  But its pointless unless its reinforced with regular officers, armed officers who can get to you quickly.

And this is where Ken also really screwed up.

Getting rid of the Routemaster.  In taking them off our streets he removed the freedom to get off the bus when you want and the security of a conductor.  You cannot get off the bendy buses in a major hurry. I really hate the way the driver jams the doors shut unless he is at a stop and with the ‘kids’ on the buses forever kicking off at the back it gets frustrating and frightening.

    • The Mayor could be doing so much more to encourage competitive sport of all kinds, with all its potential for developing em
      otional maturity and for allowing young males to let off steam. There is so much that could be done with the arts.

What are we talking about: Ballet? Jeez.

Boris writes some good stuff about the culture behind..and reasons for gangs. But if i was in charge these boys would have their welfare stopped and be shipped off to boot camp ‘to let off steam’ rather than focusing on the arts and before the focus on sports.  Welfare may be out of his control but he could bring pressure to bear on London borough councils where it relates back to crime.

Every morning when i leave to go to work, the loony kid opposite is sitting on the wall, a wall attached to what would, on the market, be a £3 million Georgian house but instead is council property. Swinging his legs without a care in the world. Always has ‘something’ to tell me. I’m paying for the little twerp to sit on that wall all day. There is no reason he cannot work. His brothers are the ones who used to tear up and down the street on brand new mopeds c/o my tax money. And naturally the LA and NYC styled gang culture is a BIG draw when you’re bored or should i say lacking in ’emotional maturity’.

Bottom line. I don’t want to pay anymore towards their ’emotional maturity’ or lack thereof.  I have no doubt that just stopping welfare won’t stop the styled gang culture that offers them the kudos they feel they need, spoon fed them by every aspect of modern culture.  But before we pay out on any more schemes – we can cut back on a few.  Boris is a Tory. Let’s hope this filters through.

Conservative proposals to force the long term unemployed to work for their benefits were drawn up after studying the experience of similar schemes in the US, in places such as the state of Wisconsin..

Overall Boris gets: 7/10 on crime and safety proposals.

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74 thoughts on “Anyone but Ken

  1. In a functioning system the role of mayor would be an important democratically accountable role, but under the dysfunctionalism that reigns I don’t think Boris’s paternalist fabianism can achieve much.

    CCTV cameras don’t reduce crime, I think this has been admitted pretty widely. They help in prosecutions sometimes, but to what avail if the judge lets the vicious bastard off with the proverbial slap on the wrist?

    The troublesome kids need to be in work, but their whole (state) school experience has rendered them barely capable, and they are probably not in any material need to work.

    I don’t know… Boris’s proposals strike me as sticking plaster over a gaping wound. At this point, all I know is I’m not voting for Brian Paddick (£20 to drive into town? F*** off!)

  2. Good post Alison. I quite agree with you. I can only think that Boris is trying not to appear too strict out of fear at being branded a right-winger in too dramatic a way. I totally agree with you on the problems of shiftless young men abusing the efforts of hard-working people like yourself. It’s a sad state of affairs, but what Boris says in policy terms and how he acts in reality might be somewhat different. Hope so.

  3. Alison –

    Thanks for the link to a most enlightening article by the Left Wing journalist Nick Cohen. I certainly shall be tuning in tomorrow night. Livingstone has always been a grubby merchant, a thug, a bully and a genuinely unpleasant weasel. I hope he gets trashed.

    To the dupe in here who told me the other day that they knew Livingstone and that he’s no communist, I say read the article and feel embarrassed. I love to say I told you so, and I did.

    Cohen’s article reveals a truth about journalists and the media in general which cannot go unremarked:

    Speaking of the BNP, imagine if a Tory version of Livingstone had given a eulogy at the funeral of a leader of the National Front and surrounded himself with supporters of a neo-fascist ginger group when he was mayor of the capital of this country. It’s fair to guess that the media would have had hysterics. But because Livingstone is from the far left rather than the far right, he’s treated with an unwarranted softness.

    Yes, yes, yes. The plain truth is that Leftist trash have always been treated with unwarranted softness by the media. Stalin’s propaganda machine in the West was a marvel, the effects of which are still being felt today. That anyone can describe themselves as a communist, confident that they won’t be shunned by all right thinking people, is proof.

  4. I read Cohen’s comment piece today. As usual, he’s riight on the money and I will watch the tv programme tommorow night with interest.

    Let’s hope that the programme makers don’t get police harrassment for their trouble, as the excellent Dispatches documentary on the jihadist imams in Britain’s mosques did last year.

  5. Pete Moore

    I’m not sure if you have read Cohens ‘Whats Left How Liberals Lost their Way’ but it’s a good read if you haven’t.

  6. It’s a monstrous paradox:

    Nearly 40 years ago, when the streets of our big cities were comparatively safe, we recruited coppers like Geoff Capes (6’5" & 23 stone) to patrol them, and few women.

    Now, when the same cities are cursed by predatory black and asian gangs, we recruit 5’7" 8 stone women like Sharon Beshenivsky.(RIP). Sheer madness.

    "Civilisations don’t die, they commit suicide".
    Arnold Toynbee.

  7. Pete,

    "To the dupe in here who told me the other day that they knew Livingstone and that he’s no communist, I say read the article and feel embarrassed."

    You still don’t get it, do you? Ken is as much a communist as, say, David Vance.

    He’s a man who long ago vowed to play the long game and he’s very, very good at it. For the past seven/eight years he’s been exactly where he’s always wished to be, and boy is he enjoying himself. And he’s rewarding his cronies with salaries many of us only dream of. Communist, my arse. He’s always used the useful idiots of workers and former comrades to further his own cause.

    Ken has three priorities. They are:

    1. Ken
    2. Mr Livingstone
    3. Ken Livingstone

    It was ever thus. Had Ken been a communist and given the power invested in his office, London should by rights be a socialist utopia (or even dystopia) by now. In fact, capitalism in the capital has never had it so good as under Red Ken.

    He’s heading into choppy seas though. I have it from a good source that embarrassing revelations are soon to be made public. Whether that will happen before or after the election I do not know. But something tells me Ken will weather the storm.

  8. Dawkins: "Ken has three priorities. They are:

    1. Ken
    2. Mr Livingstone
    3. Ken Livingstone"

    LOL. From my outsider’s perspective, this looks about right.

  9. As a Londoner I can speak as an insider. Patty I believe is from the US so her perspective is a little messed up to start with, the occupation of Iraq probably seems reasonable to her!

    Anyway, as a Londoner I see that Ken has been good for Londoners, to say the he cares only about himself, and that the bumbling old etonian Boris is not, is plain buffoonery, in my humble opinion.

  10. Lee Jasper is going to bring livingstone down. He has giving his friends lots of money in grants for companys that only have names and are all run from the same little office. Ken is now distancing himself and trying to cover it all up. The London evening Standard has all the evidence aganist Jasper and co. And the police are now investigating.

  11. Coaldust,

    "Lee Jasper is going to bring livingstone down."

    You wish. Ken’s strength has always been his near-preternatural ability to be all things to all men. Hence his undeniable popularity among Londoners.

    In reality he’s an odious little man who’s both racist and sectarian. Yet he manages to disguise it all by publicly embracing whoever can be of benefit to him in the polls.

    Look how he’s played the Jews against the Muslims, the right against the left. I could go on.

  12. Anybody who pisses off both London’s Muslims and Daffy deserves to be victorious.

    Go, Boris!!!!!

  13. Maybe its like this DaithiO. As a "Londoner" you exude more tolerance than you do as an Irishman. It must be hard keeping up with yourself.

  14. As an Irishman born in London I’m acutely aware of the prejudices that exist in a multi-cultural city, I’m also aware of the crimininalisation my parents and other Irish people suffered during the IRA campaigns of the 70’s and 80′ and the parralells with todays moslem communities that are considered (by the ignorant) criminal by virtue of their religion and ethnicity.

    Ken Livingstone does more to oppose this than most, he has done more to foster peace and harmony in this city than any tory and certainly any bumbling buffoon silver-spooned Old Etonian.

    The Irish nation has been waiting more than 800 years for self determination, isn’t that tolerant enough for you? I can be a nationalist without being a xenophobe, that’s something some here are unable to do!

  15. Your family isn’t the only immigrant family to London Daithio. And I’m acutely aware of the bombing campaigns in London by the IRA, a little too close to home on one occasion. The latest round of bombings by delusional maniacs is what gives people the wrong impression, not their religion or ethnicity.

    You sounded bigoted on the other thread. Like i said it must be the Londoner in you than makes you more tolerant on other issues and less so when it comes to David – where suddenly its ‘get off our land’.

    As for Ken – fostering peace and tolerance? How exactly. By cosying up to fascists, and anti democratic bigots? He’s a whiny sour-faced champagne swigging socialist and we can do better than that. Nothing he has put into place is vaguely remarkable. But he certainly enjoyed a few holidays at tax payers expense. And you have an issue with an Etonian!

  16. Ken Livingstone does more to oppose this than most, he has done more to foster peace and harmony in this city…

    Ken has hob-nobbed with islamic fanatics, jew-haters and homophobes to a man. Never mind his cosying up to Irish republicans while they were still committed to their "armed struggle". Never mind his cosying up to would-be dictator Hugo Chavez.

  17. Daithio –

    You’re no more Irish than I am, but you plastic Paddies are a delusional bunch.

    I’m also aware of the crimininalisation my parents and other Irish people suffered during the IRA campaigns of the 70’s and 80′

    Yet more piffle. The most that any Mick suffered in London was a few jokey comments. Do not make things up. The only Irish who were criminalised were killing people in Hyde Park and outside Harrods. If your parents were innocent they weren’t ‘criminalised’ (whatever you mean by that – I doubt you know) in any way. You know that to be true, so stop fibbing.

  18. For readers of your blog that have also followed your link to yesterday’s article in the Observer it should be pointed out that the Greater London Authority does not politically vet potential or existing employees, nor carry records regarding their political views, and it would indeed be unlawful and a breach of employment and human rights for it to do so.

    The only important, and lawful, criteria regarding the record of GLA staff is to be found in policies that have been successfully delivered.

    Details of the work of the senior GLA staff, that have directly contributed to making London a more successful city, can be found here: http://www.london.gov.uk/view_press_release.jsp?releaseid=15355

    Mr Atma Singh, who is the main source for tonight’s dispatches programme, was removed from his job in the GLA for failure to meet a request for assistance from the Mayor’s Office from the Metropolitan Police Anti-Terrorist Squad, for failure to inform the Mayor’s Office that such a request for assistance from the anti-terrorism police had been made, for failure to contact the Mayor’s Office during the terrorist attacks on London on 7 July and 21 July 2005, and further matters: http://www.london.gov.uk/view_press_release.jsp?releaseid=15354

    As you correctly point out, the Mayor has written to Channel 4 pointing out the Dispatches programme scheduled to be shown this evening is a clear attempt to influence the electoral process and in breach of the special impartiality requirements to maintain objectivity standards in broadcasting. The full press release can be read here: http://www.london.gov.uk/view_press_release.jsp?releaseid=15357

  19. "For readers of your blog that have also followed your link to yesterday’s article in the Observer it should be pointed out that the Greater London Authority does not politically vet potential or existing employees, nor carry records regarding their political views, and it would indeed be unlawful and a breach of employment and human rights for it to do so. "

    Oh really, GLA spokes-‘person'(??). Would you give me a job? Owing to people like you who have Gramscianised the mainstream political parties, I will be obliged to vote BNP. I would bet that I could do your job better than you – but you would never give me a job so stop lying.

  20. Good to see my tax money being spent on scouring blogs to protect Ken’s reputation.

    They could of course being arguing in their spare time 😉

  21. Dawkins – Why would she go to France when California beckons?

    Looks like you struck a Ken nerve Alison – sweet!

  22. Daphne,

    Why indeed. My memory is letting me down again. Must be due to all those brain cells I murdered over Christmas :0)

  23. Dawkins –

    We’ve had Ken’s old comrades describe him as a revolutionary communist, he’s put a bunch of them on the payroll, Peter Tatchell says he’s of the far left, Martin Bright, the fella who made this programme (he’s from the New Statesman, a noted Left Wing journal) says it.

    You are the last man left who seems to think Red Ken Livingstone isn’t a bloody communist.

  24. How convenient to have you all talking about Ken, who after all is very small potatoes when compared to the likes of Brown and Darling, and their friends at Northern Rock, – they make Ken look like a pickpocket!

    Oh! – and let us not forget ‘Happy’ Branson. Who just happened to be riding the same plane as Brown on the current trip to Asia, to spread happiness and joy there, – now there’s a coincidence!

    At least it diverts your attention for a while, from all that nasty EU news, and the near record fall on the stockmarket.

    Brown thinks because all of those jobs he exported from the UK, that they must owe him some token of gratitude, – dream on Gordon, Blair sold our national soul, and no! – you can’t have it back!

    Meanwhile what great timing being ‘out of town’ while the debate on the referendum was being held, and they said you had ‘lost your bottle’!

    Back to NR, they got into trouble because they were inept, and believed in fairy tales. They believed that pieces of paper were a viable and ever increasing asset, – wrong, and wrong again. In ‘city’ terms, they monetised their debt, and sold it off to the highest bidder, fine in small doses, but as always they got greedy – very,very greedy, and got their fingers burned.

    To be fair they were not alone, they just got found out. Part of the problem was, and still is, that not many, even among bankers, really understand ‘derivatives’ – as all this funny paper is called, – that they are dealing with, – some are really very complicated, and to do a risk assessment, must be a real nightmare.

    Now the government, – that tower of commonsense and integrity, has come up with an answer – which is, – to issue even more ‘bonds’, a.k.a. derivatives. Now doesn’t that make sense? – if you get burned, why just put your hand back in the fire, and it will make it all better!

    This is Brown’s version of British Leyland, Rover Cars, the Dome, the new Olympic village, etc, etc, and every other scam the government has ever tried to pull, and will end up with someone, – even ‘Happy’, – making a fine profit at the taxpayers expense.

    Not that I am against profit, but please at least make some attempt to make it appear to be an honest profit! I know we are a tad gullible when it comes to all that clever stuff you politicians deal with, but really – do you think we are really that stupid?

  25. I missed the programme – Am just catching up with it at the moment on +1.

    Ken Livingstone is not a communist no matter how many times Pete Moore claims so. he couldn;t be so principled. He is a self serving individualist happy to suck up to whatever he can and gain political kudos from any source, businessmen, Trade unionists, Gay rights groups, Islamists, you name it. He is the ultimate chameleon.

  26. "At least it diverts your attention for a while, from all that nasty EU news, and the near record fall on the stockmarket".

    Strange comment Ernest – i posted this yesterday and the programme was just on now.

  27. Are we talking about the same programme?

    I made my lengthy (apologies), comment more on the general news, rather than a particular programme.

    In comparison to the 300+ point fall on the FTSE, and the ‘only announced today’ NR plan, and Brown’s convenient absence at a critical vote time, Ken’s escapades are small beer.

    I had been expecting some posting on the these events, and was merely trying to ‘spice the mix’, as it were…

  28. I watched tonight’s Dispatches programme on Channel 4 about that slimy toad, the Mayor of London, Red Ken Livingstone. If that programme doesn’t ensure that the voters of London kick the toad out at the next election, then they deserve what the get….whilst Boris Johnston may act the fool, I don’t for a minute then he would get up to the scams that Red Ken does…and it won’t be whisk[e]y – don’t know whether it’s Irish or Scotch…in the glass at the meetins of the Assembly and the various Mayor jaunts he makes in to the London communities.
    In my opinion, it’s got to be Boris for London…

  29. sorry about a couple of typos in the last posting….teach me to preview it before posting !!!!

  30. William,

    Couldn’t agree more, – but in the light of the impending world wide financial troubles, Ken may be of little consequence. There may not even be enough cash to complete all that Olympic promise…or if there is,it may seem an extravagant expense at a testing time.

  31. Ernest

    Just because there may be bigger global problems , it does not mean that the issue of the behaviour of the mayor of London is not worth discussing. It’s not an either/or situation. There is no limit. All topics can be discussed.

  32. No he didn’t Noel. His comments clearly imply we are being distracted and wasting our time talking about Ken when there are bigger international problems on the horizon.

  33. Colm,

    Don’t be so touchy! That may be the way you were thinking, but I meant it pretty much as Noel saw it.

    Hasn’t it been the general practice to wait until there is some breaking news, before pushing something slightly more spectacular through, ‘on the quiet’?

    As you say – all comments are welcome, and that includes mine…you little fascist you!…:-)

  34. Alison,

    I think this is a little bit more serious than ‘bull-bear’.

    Browwn is like a man trying to carry water in a soggy paper bag, the leaks are getting bigger by the day..

  35. There will be no further discussion on this thread other than matters relating to the forthcoming London mayoral elections. I have given my orders and dissent will not be tolerated.

  36. Some quotes from the latest edition of the DT:

    "This was supposed to be the day the PM and Chancellor dominated the agenda with their plan to save what is left of Northern Rock. And with us taxpayers taking a gamble with 25 billion pounds of our cash, it is yet more proof that it is easy for ministers to be generous with other people’s money.

    "But the rescue package is swept aside in the news agenda like dust on the wind by the scale of what is taking place on the world’s markets. The ferocity is awe inspiring as markets decide they do not believe in the reassurances of bankers and the US administration.

    The PM will be furious: he was supposed to return from China and India as the statesman who had also found time to save a bank. It looks like small beer now in the face of an emergency in the engine room of western capitalism."

    See Colm, I am not alone in thinking that ‘Stinky" Ken is only of much significance in his own backyard…see I even managed to refer to your guide lines – now aren’t I a good lad?

  37. Pete Moore,

    Thanks for the invite, I will when I have something more than mere ‘comment’ to write. The speed with which matters are moving, it is difficult to be in any way definitive of an outcome.

    Besides which, the FT and the DT are just as sceptical of events as I, they have some good financial writers on-board, and it does get boring to repeat their outpourings.

    However, when I have something worthwhile (IMO), ATW will be the first to know…

  38. Colm –

    I pointed out Livingstone’s dodgy revolutionary past, Nick Cohen did the same, a bevy of communist beauties have just spoken of it, Peter Tatchell has just spoken on it, Martin Bright has just made a programme on it.

    The only people making an assertion without any evidence are you and Dawkins. Of course Livingstone is in it for himself – he’s a damned politician. Who do you think were in those Zil limousines while millions of Russians starved? They weren’t free market capitalists.

    So do feel free to present any evidence you have for Red Ken Livingstone (I wonder how he got that name) not being a commie.

  39. Pete, Ken Livingstone is more consistent in what he’s against than what he’s for. He has in the allied himself to Communists, Islamists and the IRA. They don’t have much in common except for their opposition to pluralistic, civilised democracy.

  40. Ross –

    Yes, but have you any evidence that Livingstone isn’t a commie scumbag?

    Commies have allied themselves with all of the anti-civilised, anti-Western causes for a century. Their reason for being is to bring us down. They stand for nothing. It’s an empty, miserable creed for losers. They would rather see despair in others feel joy themselves.

  41. Ernest

    I’m sure it all is bad news (today) but i just can’t think about that right now. Sorry – i’ve been having a splendid argument with a Frenchman on another blog who doesn’t seem to grasp how badly his country needs reform – and then totally wigged out on me and blamed us for plunging his country into the second world war! The cheeky sod.

    I think the programme tonight demolished Ken as the DRUNK commie that he totally is. It was terrific and warranted the thread. I hope its up on youtube soon.

    And i don’t know too much on bull bear bull bear in truth. You should send something into David, like Pete said.

  42. I dunno I kind of admire Ken, I mean a man with obvious handicaps becoming Mayor of London, he’s a inspiration to the mentally challenged everywhere.

  43. Pete,

    "Yes, but have you any evidence that Livingstone isn’t a commie scumbag?"

    Blimey, you’re channelling Senator McCarthy now! Proving a negative, woot.

    Give it a rest will you.


    Ken is a very intelligent individual. Most successful bounders are. Mentally challenged, you say? Do you think you could run the city of London?

  44. It’s not beyond someone’s capacity to run the city of London Dawkins! But let’s face it Ken has royally ballsed it up and was and is a communist. The problem was noone really competed against him.

  45. Alison

    The question is this: Is buffoon Boris electable, or is Red Ken a cert for yet another four years?

    Incidentally, I think it’s totally wrong that he can stand three times and serve for 12 years.

  46. Peter –

    During the passage of the Greater London Authority Bill (which created the Mayoralty, or whatever it;s called) in 1998, one MP stood in the House of Commons and chided the government for not proposing a two-term limit on the Mayor:

    The government should also reconsider its decision not to have term limits for the mayor. So much of the American experience of directly elected mayors shows it gets progressively more difficult to defeat a well-dug-in incumbent who has been able to establish extensive systems of patronage. As recent experience in Paris also shows, corruption tends to flourish the longer an incumbent is able to hold onto power.

    In a city that changes as rapidly as London it is hard to believe that a mayor who has served two terms will have the freshness of approach that is required to stay abreast of such a dynamic city. I therefore recommend that no mayor should serve more than two terms.

    Who was this noble MP, filled with the humble spirit of public service and sworn to see the principles of democratic accountability upheld? Step forward one Red Ken Livingstone, who also added:

    If I am lucky enough to be elected as London’s first mayor and bearing in mind I have already served 5 years as leader of the GLC, I would not seek to serve more than one term.

  47. Pete Moore

    It just shows again how power corrupts. It makes it even more amazing that Blair walked away when he did, the exception that proves the rule.

    The Channel 4 programme last night showed Livingstone up big time, but I fear he’ll be re-elected anyway.

  48. In my view anyone who works in the Capital and is a British resident should be able to vote in these elections. We should also rate the Mayors work half way through his tenure – rather than that body they have in place at the moment.

    It is disgusting that the very people who make London work and make it great are the very people not allowed to have a say in issues that affect them like TfL.

    His office should not be propped up by freeloading ‘communities’ in council flats whose imput into this great capital is sod all or Liberal Intelligentsia who talk up multi culturalism whilst swanning off home to live in their £3 billion gated townhouses.

    I do think Boris is in with a chance. The Guardian (see Harrys Place) have just ripped into him. His voter power base in toffy nose bastardville ivory tower Hampstead etc might think twice now their Great Media Leaders have trashed him.

    Did i ever say how much i HATE him? 🙂

  49. Alison –

    What is a ‘British resident’?

    Also, that Livingstone is the untouchable Mayor is down to the legislation creating his position. That was made law in 1998 when Blair was PM.

  50. Did anyone else see the latest quirk of nature on TV this a.m.?

    It is the ultimate model of a politician – a porker born with one eye and two snouts. Born in Asia, it seems that evolution really is alive and working!

  51. Actually Pete Moore – I don’t care – basically anyone who works and pays taxes…great people are fine by me.

  52. Dawkins, why do you bring up ‘Mccarthy’? Senator McCarthy has been proven correct in his assertions of communist infiltration of the US government, American educational institutions and Hollywood. Indeeed, we are seeing the effluent coming out of the pipeline even today.

  53. Peter,

    "’bounders’? You trying to usurp me?"

    No, I was channelling Boris for a mo :0)


    "But let’s face it Ken has royally ballsed it up and was and is a communist."

    Hmm, not everyone would agree with you.


    "Dawkins, why do you bring up ‘Mccarthy’? Senator McCarthy has been proven correct in his assertions of communist infiltration of the US government, American educational institutions and Hollywood."

    You weren’t pay attention. The truth of McCarthy’s allegations isn’t the issue. It’s his preposterous challenge to the suspects to prove a negative:

    Big Mac: "Are you or were you at any time a member of the Communist Party?"

    Victim: "No."

    Big Mac: "Prove you weren’t / aren’t."

    And Pete, bless him, asked:

    "Yes, but have you any evidence that Livingstone isn’t a commie scumbag?"

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