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President Biden yesterday nominated U.S. Attorney Steve Dettelbach to be head of the ATF. During that nomination the President spewed out a stream of lies about so called “Ghost Guns”. Anyone you hear using that term do yourself a favor and change the channel or walk away.

There is no such thing as a “Ghost Gun” it is pure bull and a piece of propaganda to get the Federal Governments foot in the door to eliminate the 2nd Amendment.

You can not buy the parts of a gun on the internet or in a catalog and build a working Gun out of it. You can purchase every part of a Firearm that way EXCEPT ONE the Firing Mechanism. Every Firing Mechanism has a Serial Number and no matter how you order it, you have to Pick it up at a Gun Store and have a background check run before you can take possession.

Law Enforcement is NOT concerned about “Ghost Guns” they don’t exist. Over 90% of Guns used in criminal acts in the US are stolen weapons. The problem Law Enforcement has is No Criminals are ever charged with the Mandatory Minimum Firearm Laws. They have been deemed racist and that’s that, so they are just not used. Leading to the simple fact that if you commit a crime with a gun there is no penalty. Criminals are not charged with the fact that they have a stolen gun, or used the gun to commit the crime, they are only charged with Robbery, Assault, or whatever other act of mayhem they have committed. Never are they charged with A Firearm Offense.

The rules and Laws Biden proposes will do nothing against crime and will put Gun Parts Manufacturers out of business only effecting the Law Abiding Community that purchase the parts and the Law Abiding People that make the parts. While the Criminal is unaffected and let out with no bail to commit more violence and mayhem.

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