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Go ahead, discuss anything else. Please.

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22 thoughts on “Anything Else

  1. They’re selling Mets and Yankees tickets on Groupon now. That is not a good sign.

  2. A cousin in law ( I think that is a word ) had major heart surgery two days ago.

    Got a zero on a stress test, they found major blockages, and they sent him straight to Columbia Presybterian Hospital in NY for quadruple bypass surgery.

    Sounds like terrible news, but its good news, well disguised. There is no muscle damage, and all this happened before a heart attack happened.

    He was one of these Irish from the other side who never went to the doctor. His wife forced him to go this year.

    He’s recovering nicely now in one of the best hospitals, and is expected to make a full recovery.

    Watch that diet, you meat loving English, Irish and Americans.

  3. There’s nothing wrong with decent cuts of meat. It’s the processed crap that should be avoided.

  4. “Watch that diet, you meat loving English, Irish and Americans.”
    We Brits are one step ahead of you.
    We’ve changed to less fatty meat from Irish racehorses…

  5. Mmm, I get the feeling I missed something.

    I knew that thread on Space was going to get out of hand.

  6. “Yes I’d like to ask whatever happened to ‘social security’ in Britain? Why has language changed for the worse since the conservative/ liberal democrat coalition come to power.”

    There’s no such thing as “social security”. It’s state power confiscating private wealth, under violent threat, to buy votes from client classes.

  7. pete here is a song for you

    oh ye cannae have a spare room in a pokey council flat 🙂

    There has been a concept of social security in Britain since after the last war, when people paid in and then when they fell on hard times there was a safety net particularly in times of recession and economic need. Now people pay into the pot and the political class help themselves and call the working poor and those on benefits scroungers. Something is very wrong there….?

  8. Peter –

    Never even made it. I was due to drive up today but I’m here with a blasted cold. It’s not just that it’s a cold, but it’s one of those achy, chilly colds. I don’t even want to drive for five hours let alone do it and set up camp in the snow. I know it just ain’t going to happen. Normally I’d enjoy it all, and I was really looking forward to it, but I’m at home overdosing on Lemsip and Nurofen Cold & Flu.

    I’m off to the Lake District next week or whenever I feel a touch better. I want it and will have it.

  9. kateyo –

    There was the fact of “social” security for centuries until Clement Atlee’s catastrophic government first collectivised and then effectively abolished it.

  10. Yes, I’ve got a question that puzzles me:

    Why is it that during a heatwave in summer, when the temperature goes over 90 degrees F, I feel insufferably uncomfortable, but if I lie in a bath with the water temp just over 100 degrees I feel perfectly comfortable?

  11. Pete

    Sorry you have missed out this weekend.

    We are now back in Belfast, flew from Bristol tonight. Stopped off in Ross on Wye for a couple of hours, then drove via Chepstow, some great scenery in the Wye valley and thereabouts.

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