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Obama got his headlines about troops being home by Christmas, so it might not matter so much now if any American troops will remain there. With Gaddafi’s downfall, the Emperor has even claimed that his leadership had made it possible to turn the page on a decade of war and refocus on bolstering the US economy and paying down the national debt.

Well, not quite.

It turns out that American troops will leave Iraq because of the 2008 ‘Status of Forces Agreement’ which Bush negotiated. The Obamses administration tried to extend the occupation but Baghdad wouldn’t extend the current immunity from law which American troops have, so home they go. However, not all troops will be going home. We learn also that ‘a small army’ will remain under the control of the State Department, including a large number of private contractors.

George Carlin’s advice to never, ever believe the government is again proven wise.

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  1. Isn’t it funny how after years of “shock and awe”, destruction of the infrastructure, death of thousands and thousands of innocents, soldiers and other military personnel; the whole thing will end up as apolitical wrangle and endless debates and recriminations?
    What the heck was the point of it all? Apart from the removal of a ruthless dictator (-who could have been removed by an assassin or a smart bomb or a drone), what has it achieved and what ultimately has been the point?

  2. Hi Agi!

    Missed your lively comments – I hope you are keeping well.

    Re the post – what a total waste of time, effort and lives. I suppose if one was feeling kind about the whole pantomime, we could say that it was part of the new age of ‘destructive construction’, where they bomb the crap out of everything in sight and then have the pleasure of rebuilding it all, – in their own favourite decor, of course, and no doubt at taxpayers expense. I’m sure that in a few years time a trip to Baghdad will be about as interesting as a trip to any other hick American town, – all shopping malls instead of markets and multistorey donkey parks – such is progress.

  3. What the heck was the point of it all?

    A monstrous dictator who had invaded two neighbors in rapid succession and attacked a third has been removed from the chessboard.

    By all means ask sharp questions about this war, but spare some thought for the Saddam led wars that won’t be fought as well.

  4. Sharp questions have been asked, Phantom. I asked you yesterday about ‘contractors’ and you refused to answer. How about responding on the ‘contractors’ now?

    Btw, exactly what is it that convinces YOU that Gadaffi was killed? I’m convinced but what convinces you?

    There are two questions – any answers?

  5. Phantom – I have no intention of visiting NYC.

    Would you be good enough to have a stab at answering the straight-forward questions which I’ve put to you? Thanks

  6. Phantom – I have no reason to visit NYC. Any chance of responding to the two questions put to you?

  7. Phantom – we’d come to blows. I’ll give DV a few dollars to buy you a pint next time he’s over. I’m turning in now – hopefully you’ll have thought out an answer to those two extremely difficult questions which I’ve left for you.

  8. Ernest,
    Thanks for your kind remark. Life has an annoying habit of never going to plan..
    What with birthdays, funerals, being neighbourly, AND digging, plastering, wallpapering, wallpaper stripping, I haven’t had the time to keep up with the fast moving world of ATW.
    Oh yes, I forgot to say we have also had solar panels installed.. They are absolutely fantastic, and I just LOVE watching the meter dial going the other way round as we pump our own kilowatts of energy into the National Grid! All those pennies being paid into the bank account…. Lovely Jubbly!

    I shall pop in from time to time, but at the moment a new bathroom suite is claiming my attention …

    Take care old fellah… 😉

  9. Agit8ed

    Your solar panels are causing your fuel meter dial to spin the other way !!. Where do you live, The Sahara ? 🙂

  10. Colm,
    “Your solar panels are causing your fuel meter dial to spin the other way !!. Where do you live, The Sahara ? :)”

    Ahhhhhh, you guessed!
    It is bloody hot in the Sahara, but…
    all that money my boy!.

    Actually here in Norfolk we get a fair amount of daylight, and the dial really does spin the other way when the panels are producing electricity. The amount produced is recorded on a separate meter and the ‘leccy company sends a cheque every quarter into the old bank account.
    If you can afford the outlay my dear, it’s a worthwhile investment.. You could get a “flasher’s mac” with a solar panel on the back to run the ipod your brother bought you , you ungrateful sod…

    Anyway, I see from your recent comments that you are getting back to being your old self -(Gawd help us all!) and despite my generally anti Gay stance 😉 that’s good news.

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