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Quotation from a letter sent to the Telegraph by the ‘Defence Secretary’:-

SIR – As the London 2012 Olympics draw to a close, I want to express my heartfelt thanks on behalf of the Government and of the British people to the men and women of our Armed Forces.

Their efficient, friendly and cheerful intervention to deliver security to the Games has been one of London 2012’s great successes. Not only has it ensured a safe and successful Games, but it has been the largest exercise in defence engagement since the Second World War, putting thousands of troops in direct contact with the citizens who pay for defence through their taxes.

We have been reminded that we can rely on these men and women not only to protect us from our enemies abroad, but also to provide resilience to our society at home.

Philip Hammond MP (Con)

Explanation, translation & commentary:-

The Armed Forces’ presence was actually determined by the singular failure of Group Four Services (G4S) to supply the guaranteed number of ‘security monitor staff’ as they (G4S) had relied on the old idea of paying the minimum possible wage to anyone who signed up, who had gone through the ludicrous ‘training procedure’ without actually bursting into gales of laughter, and had the added indignity of having a CRB check done on their whole background. When the volunteer security teams did attend for a trial, they found no planning, no place to sleep, no uniforms, no idea!

As was foreseen by anyone with more than single-figure IQ levels, the recruitment process dissolved into chaos, and the over-paid senior execs. of G4S, this massive public company went running, sobbing, to the Home Secretary a week before the Games were due to commence, to tell them that they hadn’t got more than a third of the numbers required; and of course, the whole Cabinet, from Cameron down to the bottle-washers of the Lib_Dems, thanked their lucky stars that Hammond hadn’t actually fired all the soldiers, marines and sailors that he, along with his predecessor Liam Fox, had originally wanted to.

The Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen who served during the Olympic Games venues did not volunteer, they were ordered to attend: cancelling holidays, leave, family commitments, and they did so because they are trained to obey lawful commands: they demonstrated that the Military can do more than is required, but to state that their intervention was cheerful is to write the lie in red ink.

The slashing of the Defence budgets is but yet another in the sins and signs which will be held against this stinking Coalition when at last they come to judgement at an Election, and it is also a judgement upon the voters of this Nation that one of the two main Parties will be returned to power, because those same voters do not think before casting their votes, but act like herded sheep, corralled by a mute sheepdog.

p.s. By the way, Mr. Hammond, the last time I checked, I am proud to own that I, along with you, are British Subjects of Her Majesty! If one accepts EU rulings, we may be termed ‘citizens’, but fortunately, not in my home!




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  1. I cannot believe that a responsible government would even consider using a private security firm like GS4 to protect such a high profile event like the Olympics, with thousands and thousands of overseas visitors attending.

    Personally I would have taken the hint from the Allied experiences in Afghanistan; where supposed friendlies have used weapons supplied by the Brits and the Yanks to shoot them.

  2. “I am proud to own that I, along with you, are British Subjects of Her Majesty! If one accepts EU rulings, we may be termed ‘citizens’, but fortunately, not in my home!”

    And let the word go out that I too are proud to employ the pluralis maiestatis. We is likewise so inclined in one’s home!

  3. A8

    You miss the point. The Rightworld project is to minimise every aspect of the state. That includes policing functions and is also being extended into defence / warfare.

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