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Mr Collomb told reporters on Friday that police officers had managed to get some people out of the supermarket but the gunman had held one woman back as a human shield. It was at this point, he said, that Col Beltrame had volunteered to swap himself for her.

As he did so, he left his mobile phone on a table with an open line so that police outside could monitor the situation. When police heard gunshots, a tactical team stormed the supermarket. The gunman was killed and Col Beltrame was mortally wounded.

Silly people lapped up that nasty propaganda about French courage.  I assume they’ve never heard of Yorktown, Austerlitz or Verdun. Arnaud Beltrame was a great Frenchman who lost his life saving a woman’s life.


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7 thoughts on “ARNAUD BELTRAME

  1. Arnaud Beltrame, just another unfortunate innocent victim of the open border loons.

    The blood on the hands of the open border naive lunatics, must be close to saturation point.

  2. //Silly people lapped up that nasty propaganda about French courage. I assume they’ve never heard of Yorktown, Austerlitz or Verdun. //

    Well said. Very silly people.

  3. Yes.

    The best of the French police / military are as good as the best of anyone’s.

    I was hoping so much that he might pull through.

  4. People like Arnaud restore my faith in humanity.
    A true hero and an increadably brave man.

  5. @afneil

    Mother of French gendarmerie Arnaud Beltrame on hearing he’d volunteered to be hostage: “I’m not surprised. I knew it had to be him. He has always been like that. He’s someone, since he was born, who gives everything for his homeland.”

  6. Very sad. A very brave man. France has lost one of its great son’s. ;(

    Unfortunately his memory will be sullied as the political vultures circle to bask in the media limelight his funeral will create – Witness the death of Lee Rigby RIP. And you will not see the perpetrators of MASS Immigration lay down their lives for their policies, let alone a life. SCUM !!

  7. Courage epitomised. A true hero.

    What surprises me most of this thread however is Pete’s new found respect for the ‘Frogs’ and ‘donut munchers’.

    Well said all the same.

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