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Adams admitted the IRA’s kangaroo courts for sex offenders meant they were ‘ill-equipped’ to deal with the issue.

He wrote on his blog: ‘This included very sensitive areas such as responding to demands to take action against rapists and child abusers. The IRA on occasion shot alleged sex offenders or expelled them,’ he said.

‘While this may have been expedient at the time it was not appropriate.

‘Victims were left without the necessary social service support and abusers without supervision. It ultimately failed victims and the community alike. That is a matter of profound regret for me, and many other republicans’.

Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are!


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4 thoughts on “As my old Grandmother stated……

  1. Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are!

    That statement is one of the basic rules of life. Known Associates, I won’t go off on my usual IRA/SF rant. Those words just brought back one of the first things I was taught about life and social circles.

    Guilt by Association.

  2. Guilt by Association

    Two words Troll. The Contras

    As for the Mail’s piece itself; it’s interesting how many times the words ‘allegedly’ and ‘claims’ are used from the impeccable (and faceless) ‘security source’

    But hey, don’t let that spoil a good story, everyone knows you can’t libel a dead man.

    Perhaps Maria should have reported this to the RUC, who were more interested in turning Sally Adams into an informer than investigating the sexual abuse of her daughter Aine?

  3. I along with all others here have zero knowledge of the subject at hand but you will always see even more ” allegeds ” in the British media than you will in an equivalent article in the US media due to the nature of English Libel Law which is quite different than in the US.

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