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Seems as though some bloke called the cops because he feared that one of his neighbours was flying an Arabic flag.

So the fuzz arrived, speedily, because you just never know if someone has dared to fly a Tricolour instead of the Union flag, or even worse, a flag which supported death, terror and destruction, like the one which Sinn Fein flies.

But what did the PSNI find when they arrived? Even worse than was suspected!


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7 thoughts on “at the twilight’s last gleaming?

  1. Why is it a matter for the police if someone is flying an arabic flag or any other flag on their own property?

  2. // could have been the Italian flag,//

    Eh, Seamus?

    I was recently in a town on the Med and they were flying the flags of the adjoining nations: the Austrian, the Croatian and … the Irish. I enquired, and was told the flag was that of Italy. However, the green field was just the shade that flies over the GPO and the other was not red but as orange as the Portadown Loyal Lodge.

  3. Out of interest, does anyone know if eligibility for the European Ryder Cup team now been limited to EU countries? What if a Swiss, Norwegian etc was good enough? Or is the EU flag still just indicative?

  4. It is not the EU flag. It is the flag of Europe which was orignally created by the Council of Europe. It is also used by the EU.

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