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tangledpubnn0.jpgYou either go forward or you go backwards. (Unless you’re a liberal in which case you go sidewards but nobody cares!) As in life, so in blogs.

ATW has been through quite a bit of change over recent months with some of our contributing writers leaving us, (Richard, Andrew) others joining us (Mahons) and old warhorses like me relentlessly staying at the centre of it all. I am indebted to ALL those who take the time to come here and blog. However I feel we need more bloggers to our roster to ensure that the daily output stays frequent and high quality – (esp when I am otherwise engaged) plus you cannot get enough of good writing!

And so, I have been looking to add some of the best new bloggers to our transatlantic team and with that in mind, I would like to announce that ATW will henceforth include Jammie Wearing Fool.

JWF won 2007 Weblog  BEST NEW BLOG and is an excellent site for ATW to be associated with.  JWF is original, witty and insightful and I am sure can make a great contribution here.  I hope you will provide a warm if not positively molten ATW welcome to JWF (Yea, we are going acronymic crazy!)

I hope to announce further new names very shortly – and all to ensure that you get a lively daily read of the best "shoot from the hip" writing on the blogosphere!

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73 thoughts on “ATW – ADDITIONS TO THE TEAM

  1. Thank you all for the welcome. I look forward to posting here and hope to keep everyone entertained.

    Thanks to David for the invite and to Daphne for recommending me.

  2. Great handle anyway, JWF, welcome.

    DT, you’re right, my invite was also somehow lost in the post.

  3. DT, you’re right, my invite was also somehow lost in the post.

    probably costs too much in stamps to send from rightworld. or maybe there isnt even an inter-dimensional postal service available.

  4. Well, that and the fact you seem to take your History from back issues of Pravda might have had something to do with it, Mr. ‘There are no terrorists, only nasty rightwing stooges in disguise’…

    And Frank,

    The problem you’d have would be that you’d actually have state an opinion if you wrote an article, rather than challenging ‘rightworld’ to prove it knows what your opinion is.

  5. While I am happy to welcome JWF , sometimes I think there are too many new articles in one day and some good stories can get overshadowed by a couple of posts turning into very lively threads.

  6. Welcome to JWT, but IMO there are already too many writers on ATW, especially too many posts appearing daily. A post is only warming up when it disappears off the "Recent Posts" list.

    Also, David, is there any way to get pack the straight column of comments and get rid of these odious pages? I know nobody who likes the current form and most hate it.

  7. David: I can’t think of a more ungrateful crowd since the ancient days of We Want Barabbas.

    I for one applaud your keen sense in placing my brillant must-read weekly political essays in with all those comic pieces by that brillant crowd of comedy writers (as if people THAT rightwing really exist).

  8. I would definitely keep you Mahons (creep creep), but we could lose some of the unnecessary Right wing clone posts.

  9. >>we could lose some of the unnecessary Right wing clone posts.<<

    Hear, hear. David will soon have to institute a sin bin for those squabbling ladies.
    One hair pulling – two weeks no posting.

  10. DSD,

    "The problem you’d have would be that you’d actually have state an opinion if you wrote an article"

    I’ve stated opinions on many occasions. It can’t always be my fault that you can’t read them.

    ", rather than challenging ‘rightworld’ to prove it knows what your opinion is."

    Something I’ve never done. See, you can’t even relay events accurately. You have to embellish and garble.

    Anyway who needs to state an opinion or write any article when I apparently have a gaggle of unelected spokespeople like you who think they can read my mind.

  11. Well, that and the fact you seem to take your History from back issues of Pravda might have had something to do with it, Mr. ‘There are no terrorists, only nasty rightwing stooges in disguise’.

    dear oh dear. DSDs fantasies really are limitless. you read that book yet, or are you still convinced its communist agit-prop?

    Love the fact that you two just cant stay away though πŸ™‚

    some of us are confident enough to not need the comforting bosom of likeminded souls. πŸ™‚ or to put it in value-centric rightworld parlance, ‘i dont need no reacharound’.

  12. Stop squabbling and be nice to JWT!

    Have I to break into a few John Lenin songs to keep you all in harmony…???

  13. I think is good advance warning for our new guys, a small taste of what may come when they post.

    But a little music would be good too David!

  14. David

    I guessed that,

    PS I notice you have yielded to public demand and extended the comments per page to 50. People power has worked – thanks.

    PPS – I have never heard of the Lennon sisters. Have I missed out on a cultural phenomenon ?

  15. I wouldn’t expect a man who reads Theo to own The Lennon Sisters. πŸ™‚ Although we could ask Ernest…………

  16. Colm,

    Squarespace told me how to extend the comments so that should make things less disjointed. I always like to listen carefully to what readers say.

    As for the Lennon sisters, no, you’re not missing out unless Miss Daphne thinks otherwise!

  17. Thankyouthankyothankyou for banning the pagination to perdition. That was soooo frustrating trying to keep up with everybody, took too many seconds!

  18. Colm – take off your training wheels and visit Theo Sparks. You, of all people will it!

    David – The Lennon Sisters were okay for 1951. πŸ™‚

  19. Allen – Alison probably beat you there and left a few choice comments for Mr. Spark causing him to rethink his open door policy. By the way, which tottie were you commenting on Allen?

  20. *choke* Hillary is definitely NOT a tottie, unless the word means "very funny joke".

    I think Theo’s site defines "tottie" perfectly – a combination of two words mangled to describe a scantily clad well endowed female. πŸ˜‰

  21. Chris,

    If Colm is a cockney, then I’m the King of England!

    All to do with being born within the sound of Bow Bells…besides, I don’t think Colm would look too good dressed in pearls!! – and no – I don’t mean her underwear either, the Cockneys have their Pearly King’s and Queens, and their ‘robes’ are suits and dresses coveres in those little ‘pearl’ shirt buttons, which are made from the mother of pearl in mussel and oyster shells…all a really old tradition, which still exists in some parts of town…

  22. None of you know where I was born. In fact it was the Middlesex hospital near Oxford St.(Ok now you do know). While it’s not exactly within the sound of Bow bells, it’s near enough.

    PS I don’t introduce the smut, I just latch onto it πŸ™‚

    PPS. I look great in pearls !

  23. Colm,

    Have a quiet word with the Lord Mayor and he may make you an honorary Cockney.

    Sorry, but you – nor anyone else born after 1941 can be a ‘real’ Cockney, as the church at St. Mary-le-Bow was destroyed in the blitz, and the bells with it.

    The whole Cockney era was a unique piece of London history that has been submerged and virtually lost for ever under effects of the deluge of new immigrants, the Blitz and much developement in the name of ‘slum clearance’.

    A lot of the Pearly ‘Royalty’ went back a long way, and they were respected as such. Latterly they did much good work for charity, raising funds for local needs.

    The annual treat for the East End folk was to go hop picking in the Kent hop fields, and ‘no hop’ camp was complete without it’s resident Pearly King and Queen…hard times, but good times, and many fond memories…

    Boring, but I thought you might like to know, not all of London’s history comes behind granite walls and museum displays.

  24. Daphne,

    Careful, you might make me blush! and it doesn’t take much to make us old guys happy….thank you πŸ™‚

  25. Ernest, I think blushing, happy old guys are the best company. You get their wisdom, stories, wit and warmth all wrapped up one lovely package. I’ve been blessed with some wonderful, truly great, old men in my life. You just keep being your fabulous classy self, you enhance this site in at least twenty different ways.

    *a side thought – many great older guys have the BEST cigars & bourban – two of life’s more divine pleasures.

  26. Ernest

    I can remember when they redeveloped Lambeth Walk as a modern pedestrianised shopping area and had a street fair complete with Pearly Kings and Queens , this was in 1976. Of course it was all fake, the redevelopment was a concrete monstrosity, the Lambeth Walk of old was gone. I was a child and at this fair and it was the first time I had seen these Pearly Kings and Queens. They were elderly and genuine, and a lot of respect was being shown to them but it was obvious they were representing an era that was past. I still live near Lambeth Walk but the shopping street is a dump.

  27. Colm,
    I take it you have heard that song "Doing the Lambeth Walk!"

    The Words to the Song:Any time you’re Lambeth way,

    Any evening, any day,
    You’ll find us all
    Doin’ the Lambeth Walk.

    Every little Lambeth gal,
    With her little Lambeth pal,
    You’ll find ’em all
    Doin’ the Lambeth Walk.

    Everything free and easy,
    Do as you darn well pleasy,
    Why don’t you make your way there
    Go there, stay there.

    Once you get down Lambeth way
    Ev’ry ev’ning, ev’ry day,
    You’ll find yourself
    Doin’ the Lambeth Walk.

    And here is a slightly different version – I hear that Hitler waived his fee for this appearance, and asked that it be donated to the Star of David Assoc.

    Lambeth Walk – German style

  28. Yes Ernest

    having lived just off Lambeth Walk my whole life I am very familiar with that song. I think you missed the German version though in your post.

  29. Colm,

    I can’t think of Lambeth without thinking of Flanagan and Allen and their song ‘Underneath the Arches’. A song that is pure Cockney soul music – if there ever could be such a thing!

    Underneath the Arches

  30. In the middle of the song they would do a little spoken interlude:

    CHESNEY ALLEN: Lovely melody, Bud. Do you remember when we first sang it?
    BUD FLANAGAN: Yes, Ches. We used to sit on a seat with the Thames Embankment behind us. You had a newspaper and read the headlines.
    CA: That’s quite right, Bud. I’ve still got that paper. D’you remember the date? Nineteen hundred and twenty-six.
    BF: Ches, read those headlines again.
    CA: Ah, here’s one. Gertrude Edderley, eighteen-year-old American.First woman to swim The Channel.
    BF: Listen to this. Cricket. Ashes for England after fourteen years.
    CA: Irish woman, Violet Gibson, shoots Mussolini in the nose.
    BF: Oh! listen. Churchill’s unpopular budget. Five per-cent tax on all legal bets.
    CA: Charlie Chaplin not to retire.
    BF: Second time in history, Atlantic flown by three Spaniards.
    CA: Here’s one. Death of Barbara La Marr, film actress with five husbands.
    BF: BBC asks for nine shillings instead of seven-and-six for wireless licence.
    CA: Hopes of return to penny post.
    BF: Listen to this, Ches. Bookmakers in a bad way.
    CA: Ah, that’ll be the day, Bud………..Well, things are a little different now, aren’t they?
    BF: They certainly are and if they keep on improvin’ like they’re doin’ now, you’ll know where we’ll be……back again……

    …underneath the arches…..

    Nothing change smuch does it?….

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