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This thing. Here in New York things are getting better. Parts of the State are reopening, though New York City will probably not start until June, and it may be a slow start. Personally I’m still working from home and kids doing remote learning assignments. We’ve hiked a lot, and the weather has thankfully gone full spring. The grocery stores are fine, the odd item not there one week but back the next.
The curve definitely got flattened. Hopefully we can ease back to normal in a responsible way and keep it flattened. Course normal may not be normal. Predictions vary. As usual dumb folks express certainty, smart folks express some doubts. There will probably be some errors and backwards steps as we move forward. But hopefully real progress can be made in the weeks ahead.

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33 thoughts on “ATW Check In

  1. Anseo.

    I’m confident, then not confident … currently, not confident. I think there’ll be a second (and more) spike(s). The US is in a worse condition though. Hope I’m wrong.

  2. All good here.

    Still don’t love the current arrangement, but am dealing with it.

    Good for you that you are hiking. I recommend walking / cycling outside for anyone who can do it. Good for your mental and physical health, and entirely consistent with best practices here.

    I ran into an EMT this morning who works at the nearby NYU Langone Hospital, a major hospital / trauma center. I asked him how things were at the hospital, and he said ” much better ” than March or early April. He was really happy to talk about it.

    Looking up.

  3. Oh, also…

    Locally, restaurants continue to reopen for takeout at an encouraging rate. There are more people on the streets, a big majority are keeping socially distance, all here are wearing masks in stores ( sorry Pete )

  4. Just a flying visit for an update from sunny west Belfast. Everything seems under control here. People for the most part are abiding by the rules, although there have been some standout infractions, such as the 6-night wake which took place just down the street from us a couple of weeks ago. A young man had died suddenly and, because he had been a stock-car racer in his spare time, we were treated to six evenings of cars burning rubber in the street (sometimes as many as a dozen at the same time!) and large crowds on a few of the nights.
    I’ve been working from home since March, and the young lad has been slowly melting my brain and eroding the last vestiges of my patience with his attempts to outwit the home education system. Herself is a key worker, so she’s been going in to work every day, apart from a 14 day isolation period at the start, when she showed some symptoms but which amounted to nothing. She also became a grandmother a couple of weeks ago, making me a ‘step-grandfather’, if such a thing exists!? Unfortunately, we have only been able to view him from a distance so far, which is tough for herself, who is busting to hold her first grandson.
    I’ve started actually learning the guitar I’ve had for a while now, and have discovered that wood-carving is one of the most satisfying and therapeutic pastimes I’ve ever encountered. I use a Dremel and wood-carving burrs, and will shortly be adding an angle grinder with carving discs to my ensemble. I think I’m going to have to build myself a little workshop!
    Other than that, I’ve been checking in here quite often, and can see that, whilst most have kept the civil tongue and manners which made the first days of the lockdown such a pleasure to read on ATW, some, unsurprisingly, have reverted to type. That makes me not miss the place so much.
    Hope everyone is keeping well.

  5. Also re the hiking – myself, the young fella and the dog get out for a good walk every day, with herself joining us when she can. We are blessed that we are so close to Colin Glen, and most days we go up and collect a few fossils from the river bed. Most are around 165 million years old, but one that found – a partial Blastoid – is around 450 million years old!
    The walking is fantastic, and the young fella looks forward to it each day. With him, we usually walk 3-5 miles per day. Without him, I do around 7-10 miles.

  6. Things have relaxed here now we’re in ‘phase one’. We’re allowed out without restriction with the only condition that we mantain social distancing rules. Bars with street terraces have been allowed to open. My wife and I are however still working from home.

    The weather here is glorious so I’m doing a fair bit of walking. As Phantom says above, for both physical and mental health walking is seriously underrated.

    She also became a grandmother a couple of weeks ago, making me a ‘step-grandfather’

    Yes, I’d heard, congratulations to both you and your better half and of course to Tom.

    That makes me not miss the place so much

    I wish that you’d reconsider and even if you don’t return to comment it would be great if you would contribute the odd blog.

  7. BTW, are you aware of this?:

    Yeah, it’s on iPlayer. Watched it last night. It was nice to see video of my Da and my brother, as well as some funny photos of myself and siblings/friends. We are the children of revolutionaries, albeit cultural ones 🙂

  8. We are also in Phase 1. A local coffee shop has just re-opened close by and it is doing a roaring trade. I think people are just yearning to do ‘normal’ things again like grab a coffee and cake.

    We can now meet up to 4 people in an outdoor setting. I have arranged a walk in the park tomorrow evening with 2 buddies. That should be fun for all.

    Having tired of Zoom quiz nights, I am now proposing to some friends that we watch classic games (of various sports) at the same time and keep Zoom running so we can chat about it. Maybe have a beer.

  9. All well here. A couple of scares (my brother and my cousin are both doctors and both developed fever and cold like symptoms – both though tested negative thankfully).

    Been working from home and probably have never been busier. The work never ends you just have to stop at a certain point. And working from home makes that more complicated. You pretty much never leave the office.

    I’m pretty much the only one in the family who isn’t sheltering or cacooning, so I’m now the family gopher as well. I think I’ve been in the shops more often in the last 8 weeks than in the previous 8 years.

  10. everything is good here I actually for the first time in months have all my girls home together all under the same roof with me….. it’s 4 against one….. and no matter what being the only man and being me…… they don’t listen to a damn thing I have to say….. god it’s great to have them home. My little one and her other half are only here for a short time then it’s back to the Georgia side of the Chattanooga area. The eldest finally got her flight home, but she’s going to drive the other to back south later this week.

    Pennsylvania is still shut down but everything is open and there has always been plenty of everything where I’m at, just everyone be safe and respectful wear
    your mask whether you believe it helps or not and be nice to each other.

  11. Fantastic weather here in London this week. Everyone is out walking or in the parks. Not much more has opened apart from the essential shops that have always been open, queuing is becoming less necessary, the shops seem to have got a system going that allows for social distancing without waiting half an hour to get in. No sign of a significant back to work movement I can see as I walk around and through central London but plenty of public transport available . Mask wearing hasn’t caught on as much here as elsewhere, most people don’t wear them not even in stores, but I do see more people wearing them on buses.

    No shortages of anything in the shops except for items to do with baking. Everyone is making their own bread and cakes as you can see from the sometimes sparse supplies of flour eggs, etc. in the supermarkets. I have lived in London my whole life and I am still spotting unfamiliar little nooks and crannies and hidden streets as I do my daily walks.

  12. Similar to Petr. I’ve done plenty of laps of Bushy Park (running and cycling with the young lad). Great we have the facility within 2k but hardly “social”. But phase 1 has kicked in so had a couple of careful, socially distant meetings with the in-laws and friends.

  13. The curve definitely got flattened.

    “There are no more old people for Cuomo to kill.”

  14. It hit 98 degrees yesterday, so our walks are confined to sun up at 6 am. Masks are still mandated here, and the restaurants are open at the 25% mark. Masks are starting to feel normal now.

  15. becarful of Hypoxia with a mask walking in that heat charles… even at sunup.

    glad to read ya….

  16. Stay away from the quack medicines, Charles. Do not listen to that man on the TV.

  17. No need to wear masks outdoors. Its a waste of their efficiency and serves no purpose. Save them for whenever you are in a shared indoor space.

  18. I don’t wear the mask outdoors unless there are others close by. ( less than 6 feet away )

    If I had to wear a mask on my long walks, I’d skip the walk.

  19. Hey Petr, glad to see you back around these parts.

    And you too Seimi! An bhfuil tu go maith?

  20. I ordered $80 worth of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream direct from the factory last week. It was an expensive indulgence for my husband, who loves it. Can’t get it in the stores anymore.

    My older college son rolled home yesterday. He’s been quarantining in his apartment, he and his roommates have hit the grocery store twice in the last eight weeks, mostly relying on fast food delivery and my shipments of food. They’re all taking the virus seriously and worry about infecting their relatives as they head home for summer.

    Online college was horrid for my son, a bio/chem major. Lots of boring power point slides, only a few profs doing zoom classes, which were good. He had a hard time with it and desperately hopes his senior year will be in person classes on campus. Thankfully he kept up his 3.8 GPA as he wants to attend grad school, which is another set of worries with higher ed in massive flux.

    I hate my Greek neighbors. They are so fucking loud. Outside yelling at each other from dawn til dark. Happy yelling, murderous rage yelling, crying yelling, normal conversation mode yelling. I’m desperately hoping they take off to Greece for their usual six week summer vacation. Their poorly trained, mongrel herding dog has learned how to scale the six foot cedar privacy fence that divides our backyards and the bastard regularly climbs over to chase my cat. I may load his hind end with buckshot soon.

    My three siblings, their spouses and children headed over to our parent’s house on Mother’s Day. They are all working and out in the world without masks or hand sanitizer. I was an easy, hard NO on the invite. My elderly MAGA mom is delighted that Texas is open for business, she’s out shopping and visiting like a mad woman, no mask on her by God – masks are inconvenient and dumb. She told me only liberals who hate Trump wear masks in Conroe, Texas and she’s probably right.

    My Dad had a lift chair delivered two weeks ago, he can no longer get up without assistance due to his feet and legs being severely damaged by a lifetime of Type A diabetes.

    I know this is long, needed to vent a bit.

    Best to you all.

  21. Hey, Reg. Tá mé go breá, a chara 🙂
    All good here, mate. Setting up some work/activities for my son for tomorrow, after he finishes his school stuff. He’s very interested in WWII at present, so that’s the theme for tomorrow 🙂
    Hope you and yours are keeping well.

  22. Beware of Greeks even when they aren’t bearing gifts. Good to read about the boys. The work from home and school from home aren’t for me.

  23. There are Greeks in this part of Brooklyn. And Greek restaurants, Greek orthodox churches.

    On Orthodox Good Friday, which is not on the same day as Catholic Good Friday, they do a procession throughout the streets, here and in other parts of Brooklyn.

    An older Greek man owns a building across the street. For much of my life, I’ve seen him holding court on the corner, chatting with the neighbors.

  24. Hey Daphne, keep venting. Your rare but wonderful slices of Texas life are always welcome here 🙂

  25. Mahons, many of my neighbors with elementary/middle school kids feel the same. They’ve done one of three things (or a combo) – brought the nannies back to manage the kids, doing all the school work with their kids over the weekend and letting the kids zone out on tv/computer during the week, putting up small work sheds in the back yard with electrical and window a/c units.

    This is not easy for most parents of young children.

  26. Phantom, I was married to a Greek way back in the day. They are wonderful people, but very loud.

  27. Daphne

    I’d happily break the social distance rules for a hug and kiss from you ! Stay safe and sane… despite the Greeks 🙂

  28. All good here. Belfast is slowly creeping back towards normality. Traffic volumes are increasing, recycling centres and golf courses have re-opened (there was never any need to close them), and up to six people can now meet up out of doors if they keep six feet distant. We have excellent country park walking on our doorstep and the sourdough starter is bubbling nicely.

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