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Because Christmas Eve is Music Night

The Sun has set on Christmas Eve, so now we can say it’s Christmas. Oh look, here’s my first beer. If I don’t go back to work next week at least a stone heavier I’ll be disappointed. I can’t stay glued to the sofa all the way through. Christmas morning looks set to be cold and frosty in these here parts, perfect walking weather. A few miles will set me up nicely.

Have the Merriest Christmas you can make it with Zoom or Skype. In truth half the country is probably delighted not to be with the in-laws. Proper new Christmas songs aren’t that common, but I think this is the real thing. Maybe that’s because it’s an old song, a Connie Francis cover. This Aussie chick gives it some and I like it.

As always, feel free to share your top – or bottom – Christmas tunes and anything else you want down below –

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  1. Mulled wine being consumed ..
    Red cabbage on the go for the Marta
    ( + Onions, brown sugar , vinegar )
    Anyone elses family make that ??
    BBC 2 Carols from Kings in background 😙
    Well I’m at my folks , the Xmas cook !
    Enjoy you’re evening gents

  2. Anyone elses family make that ??

    Thankfully not mine, which is a miracle considering half of it’s Irish.

  3. Meant to be the marra
    Tomorrow ..
    Watching 3:10 to Yuma
    Tiramisu followed by Bailey’s n ice
    What you boys drinking ?

  4. I’m drinking Brandy and about to watch Eastenders…. yeah I admit it, im a fan of the soap 🙂

  5. Dave Alton –

    It had me at blued screws (I have a thing for mechanical watches). I see the channel is looking right into the Antikythera Mechanism. No doubt you know also what a fascinating find that is. I’ll go through all that, cheers.

  6. drinking coffee and wrapping gifts…..

    Tonight Pastries, hot cocoa, and Allister Simms as Scrooge

  7. Pete Moore,

    Piwo – Polish beer.

    The first polish I ever learnt:

    dwa piwa proszę

    The next polish I learnt:

    Ty jesteś piękny

  8. I just like to wish everybody on ATW, all the best for Christmas and the new year.
    Which I’m really hoping will be a lot f****** better than this one.
    Look after yourselves and stay safe. And try to have a good time, despite the lockdown.

  9. Thanks Dave, same to you and everyone at ATW. Hope you all Enjoy however you are spending tomorrow 🙂

  10. Alhambra lager and Johnny Jameson. Just finishing for the night. It’s been a long tiring day.

    Merry Christmas to all at ATW, stay safe & well. Peace, goodwill & prosperity to all humankind and a better 2021 to all.

  11. Hey they’re some interesting combinations of drinks .
    Must try a few next year .
    Wishing you all a happy Xmas too .

    Was struck by something I heard recently
    And don’t mean it piously at all .
    Just liked the angle:
    Christmas is the day we celebrate because it’s the day that God made peace with us !

    At least that’s the offer on the ( cross )
    The question is up to each .
    Do you accept that offer ?

    Good night

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