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As we are to host the Olympic debacle in only five odd years time, I thought I’d check up on the medals won at the World Championships in Japan and we, Great Britain strangely enough, have won three medals, one each of gold, silver and bronze. This is only just over half way through the event, so the Brit. hopefuls are all facing to their favourite compass point or graven image and praying for either help, or rain, or something. The one black female athlete who apparently can run fast is trying to get her own Olympic ban (Drugs apparently) overturned so she can show off in Beijing, which gives some idea of the standards of the rest!

Now readers may well remember that, as a rule, my knowledge and interest in ALL sports and sporting events is absolutely nil, mainly because I frankly don’t see the point! However, lots do so I thought I’d just pose a few queries, and institute another small ATW contest.

Does anyone visiting these blog pages believe that the enormous boon-doggle which is the whole Olympic schemozzle is going to benefit ANYONE apart from construction companies with good lawyers, when the people who are in charge of the Brits. in Osaka stated that they would be happy to end up with fourteen high finishers, and three medals?

Would anyone attempt to explain why the British taxpayer, the Lottery funds raided once again by thieving Labour politicians and the even longer-suffering London council taxpayers should fund these truly silly events?

Why do Brits. valiantly go forth to get wiped off the very athletic map by State-funded automatons from Russia and China, never mind the enormous money available to Americans? It just doesn’t make sense!

So, to the contest.

Readers have to work out and deliver the sentence, given at the closing of the 2012 Olympics, where Britain has come last in the medals, which tries to place the best gloss on the disaster which preceded the closing ceremony.

Entries close Monday Eight a.m. 


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18 thoughts on “ATW Contest. Oh yes I am; I’m h.a.p.p.y!

  1. I declare the Games of the XXX Olympiad closed, and in accordance with tradition, I call upon the youth of the world to assemble four years from now at Baghdad to celebrate with us there the Games of the XXXI Olympiad – with, I assure you, decidely more fireworks.

  2. I am pleased to summarise that Britons, after five years of assiduous practice, have for the first time won all running events.

  3. "Britian is pleased to be the enviromental leader of the Games by helping to decrease the mining of precious metals."

  4. Dont worry Mike if there was a gold medal for Zweckpessimismus im sure we would have some fine contestants. And plenty of cheerleaders!

  5. "Can’t we just enjoy and look forward to the event?"

    No Typhoo because its going to cost this country tens of billions of pounds to host and lays us wide open to a terror spectacular of massive proportions. The Greeks literally went into the red when they hosted the last ones and costs have already spiralled far beyond the original budget for our effort. What does that tell you?

    That said I love Athletics on a personal level. Me and my daughter were buzzing for ages yesterday when we saw Britain take Gold and Silver in the Women’s 400. And she is talking excitedly about Heptathlete Kelly Sotherton who is obviously her new sporting heroine. I just don’t think Britain is the right country to host the Olympics and certainly not by building a stadium in one of the most crowded parts of London.

  6. DSD

    The mismanagement of the budget and the threat of terror over rides you and your daughters enjoyment of the event? Host it some where else because as Brits we will go in to the red like as others have done, and we could be, or most likely be open to terror.

    So shut down Britain plc. Bring up the draw bridge and let other countries get on with doing things in the world…. the Brits are either too stingy or too scared….

    Not much of the blitz spirit there.

  7. Yes it does Typhoo. No matter how much she and I would like to go and see the spectacle for ourselves I am not selfish enough to expect the taxpayers of Britain to pay literally billions of pounds just because a small minority of us might enjoy that spectacle.

    And by the way, IMHO invoking millions of Londonders being subjected to months of bombing to support the hosting of a sporting event is a pretty shabby argument.

  8. DSD because the olympics are being held in London does not equal they will be bombed to oblivion. Britain won a hotly contested competition to get these olympics. If you don’t want to go or watch it that is your perogrative, but they made a great effort in fighting for it and won. Now if they hadn’t won you’d be the first to cry foul play blah blah blah the Brits never get anything.

    Rather than thinking it will bring terror try thinking it will bring pleasure, lighten up a little and look on the bright side.

    Relax go for a massage…..

  9. Erm, I never said they would be bombed to oblivion, you were the one who mentioned the Blitz.

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