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This is simply a great song from a fine  “supergroup”! Roy Orbison makes the song for me and love the picture of him as a child.

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11 thoughts on “ATW FRIDAY JUKEBOX

  1. never mind….

    good song, great group. Won’t be formed again because Petty says it’s cursed someone always dies and he doesn’t want that responsibility.

  2. It was a charming coda for Roy to get a second chance at a large audience. The others, all stars, were rightly in awe of him. He then died of a heart attack way too soon (age 52!).

  3. 87 – 88 If I’m not mistaken. Spectacular times for a young(er) Paul McMahon.

    Never to be repeated because of the death of Roy Orbison and, (not forgetting), George Harrison.

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