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Well, the rain is lashing against my window, the waves are crashing on the beach, it HAS to be summer! Here’s a tune from long ago that I think sounds good even today. I know the setting is cheesy but listen to the voice….magic!

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12 thoughts on “ATW FRIDAY JUKEBOX!

  1. I was bought up listening to Jim Reeves as my mum had an obsession with him. This song is a wonderful nostalgic memory for me as it was probably the song I heard more than any other as a small child but I never got sick of it. A great song and a wonderful expressive singer.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Colm – your mum’s taste was impeccable. I could have chosen many other Reeve tunes but I saw this as a sister song to my Patsy Cline choice last week "She’s got you".

  3. David: I think you might find a larger reading audience for a book on popular music than your planned expose Last Unionist Standing (a working title). Good musical choice as usual.

  4. In that case please go to the Get a Life Sammy thread and give me some notes on Travels With My Angst: my Graham Greene-influenced take on the McCann family values. Of course one must first read the McCann mother and son July 12th celebration post to fully enjoy the spirit.

  5. Interesting choice. I’m not familiar with Jim Reeves at all, but I’m currently listening to various popular musicians from the pre-rock ‘n’ roll age, as there seems to be a wealth of talent in the archives. Glenn Miller is one I’m listening to right now, his "Moonlight Serenade" is a fabulous tune, very inspiring.

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