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I was reading that the poet Rod McKuen died today. McKuen famously co-wrote the words to one of my favourite songs of all time. Let’s go back to 1974 and recall innocent times and a poignant pop classic!

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  1. A classic tear-jerker. I always assumed the narrator was a man about to be executed, but learned just recently that it was about a suicide.

    Rod McKuen was a great songwriter. His “Love’s Been Good to Me”, especially in the Sinatra version, is a masterpiece of nonchalant melancholia. McKuen was a depressive, and many of his works are obviously attempts to deal with that, not all of them successful.

  2. McKuens obit said he also worked with who Pete posted.

    come on Mahons you didn’t get a tear the first time you heard this song?

    It was only the next 100,000 times that made you want to smash the radio…

  3. I always though the song was about a man dying from illness or old age, not committing suicide. It’s a good song and it’s nice to hear it every now and then, but yes I can imagine it would have become very grating if heard ad nauseum.

  4. .. but the sun was too hot and the bogies turned to snot !

    Yes we sang those mislyrics at school too 🙂

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