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Because Friday night is Music Night.

You can take your pick with this one, “The Wayfaring Stranger”, since it’s a folk staple that must have been recorded hundreds of times. They’re all great, apart from the version some young chap called Ed Sheeran recorded. That one was just wrong. But you can choose from Alison Krauss, or maybe The Bluegrass Band, then there’s Emmylou Harris who did it right and Bill Monroe, whose sweet live performance gives it a real English folk feeling. As I said, there are loads of versions, which is jolly good because I love it. I also love Johnny Cash, so that’s why I’m posting this one –

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  1. That’s a great arrangement there Pete. Never heard it before.
    Here’s one of my favourites from “Ride this Train”

  2. Which of course was the inspiration for the joke about the Irish lumberjack..

  3. Two years ago, I heard Roseanne Cash sing this song in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

  4. I love Bill Monroe’s solo live version too. It’s very sparse, and that voice was perfectly suited to it.

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