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Because Friday night is Music Night.

Anyone heard any good sounds this week? Do let us know. Since I don’t believe in listening to bang up to date stuff (plus I don’t have any) I’ll be listening mainly to this kind of stuff tonight –

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  1. Pete its the twelfth of july and you’re asking if we have heard any good sounds lately. hmmm yes, helicopters, big drums, sirens…:) lots of lovely stuff 🙂

  2. Its really kicking off pete, cops attacked with ceremonial swords, nigel dodds knocked out by a missile meant for police. This is fault of the OO.. wonder will it be condemned on atw?

    it is seriously bad

  3. //Pete its the twelfth of july and you’re asking if we have heard any good sounds lately//

    “Tony went to fight in Belfast”

    LS is an outstanding track on an outstanding album.

  4. Listening to Elbow – The Seldom Seen Kid album. Sooo good.

    Grilling chicken & fresh veggies, sipping Jack Daniel’s single barrel select, running the sprinkler on my remaining rose bush, an act of desperate futility.

    102 degrees this evening, hotter tomorrow. I expect Satan will move in by August 5th.

  5. It’s in celebration of winning the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, Daphne. The Boyne is in Leinster, in the Irish Republic, so naturally Orangemen in the North celebrate it, and the Protestant William of Orange was supported by the Pope at the time, so naturally effigies of the Pope are burned on the bonfires…

    Actually, it’s a bit more complicated than that; here’s our friend Wiki with more info:


  6. Daphne we had weather hotter than LA today..!!

    My garden is still trying to recover from the snow in April and now this weather.. sweltering heat. Not sure which I prefer, the hot or the cold.

    As for the OO stuff, its really boring. But todays events will have consequences imv, far reaching ones, maybe we need another visit from Obama 🙂

  7. David’s usual ‘the Twelfth’ post is conspicuous by its absence this year…

  8. Seimi I know 🙂

    must say attacking cops with ceremonial swords after the London outrage is absolutely disgraceful. Those ceremonial swords and knives should be classified as lethal weapons… very bad behaviour from OO supporters.

    Really bad situation tonight, all over Belfast. It’s a pity things look to be going backwards.

  9. There is such permanent, free floating anger among some there. A very big problem.

  10. I reckon he’s learning the Sash in Irish from my last post 🙂

    Seriously though – attacking someone with a sword – ceremonial or not – surely that’s attempted murder?

  11. Believe it or not, I’ve never actually owned nor listened to that Bowie LP in full. Not sure why. There’s always the odd “classic” LP that somehow passes you by, for whatever reason.
    I’ve been following a few blogs on USA punk/new wave 80’s releases, recently, and I’ve come across a few gems, Pete. Check out “Marianne” by The Reactions, and “Understanding” by The Rockers. (both from around 1980). Those are the two most outstanding tracks I’ve heard recently. (both are on YouTube). The Reactions may be a little too punkish for your tastes, but I think you’ll like The Rockers. I’ve also been rediscovering how much I love The Undertones.

  12. It always sounds complicated in Northern Ireland, Seimi.

    Holy Christ, they’re celebrating a state of sectarian hell because of a battle won in 1690? That’s fucking stupid.

  13. Risking a comment from afar

    I think an awful lot of this stuff is a highly belligerent expression of dominance and marking of territory.

    The offenders who want to run their marches into neighborhoods where they’re not welcome, or who now attack police annually, are less and less dominant in NI as time passes. A lot of them are professional welfare recipients with no future at all.

    All they have is these costumed marches, their Mardi Gras, only without any of the joy, and their endless permanent anger.

  14. Tom – Thanks for that, I’ll check them out.

    Daphne – The Boyne is an NI unionist’s Alamo.

  15. Daphne, towards the end of the 17th C, an English King – James II – became Catholic, and the Lords and generally the people of Britain were so outraged they offered the crown instead to William of Orange, a Dutchman but a firm Protestant.

    James fell back on Ireland, where he knew that he, as a Catholic, would have the support of most people (Ireland was a separate kingdom then), and a small French army arrived to support him.

    William followed him over with a large army, and the two armies met at the Boyne, where James and the Irish-French army were defeated. It’s true that protestants and Catholics fought on both sides, and that the Pope supported William (for geostrategic reasons in Europe) – nevertheless the contest was generally seen as a Protestant vs Catholic thing. The battle itself actually wasn’t decisive; there were several more important battles fought in Ireland over the coming year, but it became symbolic because it was the only one where the two rival kings were present.

    The Williamites won the war; a series of “Penal Laws” were then introduced against the majority Catholic population, depriving them of civil rights, property rights, and the right to vote or be elected etc. The result was that within a few decades Catholics in Ireland have effectively been reduced to a servant class. The small Protestant population owned over 90% of the land and thus became linked to and dependent on British rule in Ireland. This was the beginning of Unionism.

    The OO marches each year are celebrating this victory of Protestantism. Before the Troubles in NI, the Orange Order had almost exclusive political power, with practically every member of every government being a member of the Order, and the annual marches celebrated this supremacy.

    Since the end of the Troubles, however, Unionism has been divided and corrupted, outmanoeuvred and politically neutered. Protestantism is generally seen to be in retreat, and the OO marches each year are accordingly now more an expression of obstinacy and desperation, rather than supremacy.

  16. Superlative stuff Pete. Written about Marc Bolan.

    David’s usual ‘the Twelfth’ post is conspicuous by its absence this year…

    Reading my mind a chara.

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