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Because Friday night is Music Elvis Night.

Thanks to ATW regular Henry94 below, we remember that on this day in 1977 Elvis Presley checked out, left the building and departed for good. So let’s have a double bubble for the great man. Now I’m not so into the 1950s Rock n Roll stuff to be honest. Elvis for me is is the full-flare, high-collar, sequined dazzler of the 70s. Probably with a triple cheeseburger in the dressing room after the show. So here’s a couple I dig, hot off the new-fangled iPod thingy.

As usual, post your own links, anything you like, anything you’d recommend.

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  1. FYC bugged the life out of me, Paul. Round about the time that song was released, I was listening to Anthrax, Slayer, Metallica and other such soft-pop groups 😉

  2. Ahh yes, the mid-late 80s were great days for metal. Anthrax, Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, all top stuff.

  3. Mahons, I doubt Elvis was proficient in Internet Technology…

    Weak, I know, but it’s late…

  4. I said I liked it because of the backing vocals, you know full well that’s not my cup of tea.

    All that hair and leather wasn’t for me either.

  5. Now now, Paul. I’m sure I remember you ‘getting down’, as I believe you youngsters put it, to songs such as this, way back when… 😉

    All that hair and leather wasn’t for me either

    Sequins and spandex for you perhaps? 🙂

    That’s just brought back a horrible memory. A mutual friend of ours, a singer in a well known local band, back in the days of yore, went out (in public!) in a pair of his older brother’s stripey spandex trousers! Now, I never even contemplated ever wearing hideous stuff like this, but even I knew that spandex shouldn’t be in any way baggy, nor should it gather up around the ankles. He looked like a badly squeezed tube of toothpaste…

    There’s a story for the next time he’s in Iruna! 🙂

  6. Loyal Orange Lodge! I mean – LOL! 🙂

    He’s gonna kill me! 🙂

    If he cracks up, just remind him that I know better stories about him… 😉

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