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Because Friday night is Music Night …

The 1st November means we’re a day late to be playing a recommendation by ATW regular Noel Cunningham. Ah well, next October will roll round soon enough. We’ll go for this completely random one instead then. It’s new to me but I like the images in the video of these old islands of ours. Men-an-tol is ‘the holed stone’ a 4500-year-old monument in Cornwall which you’ll see first if you press play. Legend has it that children will be cured of illness if they’re passed through the hole three times and dragged across the grass. Well it’s gotta be better than stuffing them with Ritalin.

It’s just the kind of thing which revs me up (the things the ancients left us, I mean, not throwing children around). My first proper weekend in weeks means I’ll be out on the high downs here in the great and ancient kingdom of Wessex, taking in an Iron Age hill fort, a Roman road and Saxon villages on the way. The weather forecast is for wet and windy, so good walking weather then and all the more reason to get to that log fire in the pub at the end of it. Have fun, whatever you’re up to.

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