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It’s been a looong day here, so a little music to unwind….this one is dedicated to Troll! Where’s that Trollcast? 

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  1. It rocks, but the kids and I agree that Troll would never move his feet that way. He’s too Manly.

  2. That’s an interesting observation, Daphne, and it illustrates the cultural differences between British and Amercan New Wave music of the late 70’s.
    OK, our "punk" scene was actually influenced by the USA scene (New York Dolls, Ramones) which predated our own scene. But here, the emphasis was looser, ie, you could be as "uncool" as you liked, there was less need to fit in with a "rock n roll star" type of thing. Hence, Costello could get away with his awkward, nerdy bespectacled look and weird leg movements, as this was viewed as sort of counter-reactionary at the time. We were trying to destroy the whole "rock stance" cliche, thus many bands were deliberately trying to go against that grain.
    (btw, another new-wave artist of that period whom I admire is Joe Jackson. A guy who certainly did not look like your typical heart-throb popstar, he had UK hit singles with "Is she really going out with him?" and the wonderful "It’s different for girls").

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