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Because Friday night is Music Night

Another week done at the crumbling coalface of capitalism, another long weekend. Not that most will notice. Every day is a weekender to half the country, still.

Some are rousing from their slumbers, including the geniuses at the various highways authorities. Two months they’ve had to dig the trenches and fix the potholes. Two months of empty roads to get stuck into it. So they sat at home instead and now start digging up the roads again, just as the traffic returns. Bravo and a slow hand clap for that lot.

Tonight we’ll have something from last week’s Pet Sounds thread. Something chosen at random and not one of my nominations. It’s great and a reminder that, first and last, Elvis Presley was a gospel singer. Have fun whatever you’re up to this weekend. As always, feel free to share your top sounds down below –

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  1. You can’t beat a bit of Elvis.

    I haven’t heard this track for years, but it’s been stuck in my head for half of the week after they used it in the greatest adult cartoon ever made, Rick and Morty.

    Don’t blame me when it gets stuck in your head too.

  2. Dave.

    The very man..

    I want to buy a skill saw, cordless, nothing fancy, for home use only due to laziness of actually using a handsaw..

    Any recommendations mate?

  3. You can’t go wrong with DeWalt or Makita.

    Instead of a circular saw you might want to look at a plunge saw.
    They are more expensive, but they are much more versatile. And safer.

    I’ve got a DeWalt circular and plunge saw, and they are both excellent pieces of kit.

  4. thank you, thank you very much…..

    Tell them what to do my brother…..

  5. Dave.

    A plunge saw.

    Is that the same as a mini-skill saw.

    I have been looking at the Worx cordless mini-skill saw, but it seems a bit too tame?

  6. Harri –

    Stop being so wet. Use a handsaw and put your back into it. If you have to cheat with electricity and stuff then for God’s sake don’t tell your foreign colleagues. Thanks to me mine all think we’re upstanding traditionalists.

  7. On the sounds, I heard this tune on the wireless the other day. Being topical it had the potential to be completely naff but it comes out well –

    Good to see feet being properly employed too. None of that French metric nonsense.

  8. A plunge like a shielded, more accurate version of a circular saw.
    They usually have a riving knife which prevents the blade grabbing the wood which is the cause of many accidents involving a circular saw.
    if you decide to buy one, I’d go for a full-size, not a mini circular saw. It will give you more options for depth of cut.

    To be fair Harri, you don’t have to go as expensive as Makita or DeWalt. I use my tools pretty hard because it’s my job at the moment, so I buy trade rated stuff.
    However, a decent Bosch blue, would also be a good choice for a DIY user.

  9. Patrick Van Roy,

    here ya go Dave this is great….

    That was very funny Patrick cheers.
    I miss Eddie Murphy. You rarely see him these days.

  10. Dave.

    I have been nagged to almost death, to build strawberry and vegetable boxes out of old pallets, pallets supply is not an issue, hand-sawing them is.. so I thought a medium priced skill-saw, Bis-bosh.. BODGIT AND SCARPER ENTERPRISES LIMITED , job done.

    I just can’t be arsed to roll out ye olde cable extension every time.

  11. Pete

    The lyrics are good on that ‘six feet’ song you posted but I would have thought that countrified twang music would not be your cup of tea ?

  12. It’s the lyrics which rescue it. They are quite touching. Countrified twang music is fine if you take it as the cheesy joke it’s meant to be. I mean, you can’t sound like and be serious.

    I have a soft spot for PVR’s choices of countrified twang music: cheese, schmaltz, twang and F16 fighter jets.

  13. Harri.

    A basic saw would probably be fine for that job Harri. But you never know, you might get a taste for it and then you’ll regret not buying a better quality saw with a deeper depth of cut. 😀

    Don’t forget your cordless nail gun for putting those boxes together. 😀

  14. There are many folds to Presley….. by far one of the very few I would give the label “Star”

    Some of my favorite elvis memories are his cheesy films….

    the unmixed version

  15. Don’t forget your cordless nail gun for putting those boxes together. 😀

    I would love one of those..

  16. Those movies were IMO unwatchable. They really harmed his career.

    Presley was a great talent, but the creepy ” Colonel ” Parker had him waste years making those idiot films, and wouldn’t have Elvis perform outside of the US/Canada, even when he had legions of fans in England who would have loved to see him perform over there.

  17. Elvis visited the UK once, for two hours in 1960. It was a stopover at Prestwick Airport in Scotland, on his way home from national service. He’d have sold out the Albert Hall for years.

    Anyway, I’ve been listening to one of my picks on that thread: the original, doomiest gloomiest and heaviest band of them all. It’s so good –

  18. I think that Elvis remained way more popular in England for a much longer time than he was in the USA. In the US, he was old hat in the mid sixties. In London, in the 1990s, I saw Elvis graffiti in London.

    I think that Elvis had a horrible manager in Parker, who cheated Elvis and who gave bad advice.

    While the Beatles had the opposite, incredibly good management and promotional support in the earlier and later period with Brian Epstein, etc.

  19. Brian Epstein was brilliant.

    The Beatles wanted the get to the States. He held them off but drip-dripped the singles into the US market, building up the anticipation.

    By the time he took them there it wasn’t so they could play clubs for months, it was- bang, straight onto the Ed Sullivan Show, coast to coast live and one of the great TV events –

    Listen and look at the audience. That was their first US appearance. This was before monitors and Ringo couldn’t hear a thing. He said later that he played by going with the movements of the other three.

  20. Perhaps paradoxically the reason for Elvis’ unwavering popularity in the UK was his unavailability. By never appearing here in any capacity he managed to retain his unique God like status rather than becoming another touring and chat show performing ‘star’. Appearing on ‘Top of the Pops’ or having a guest spot on the ‘Morecambe and Wise show’ would have diminished his status.

  21. The suits, the haircuts, the photos on the albums, all of it, basically perfect.

    The decision to have the first mega concert at Shea Stadium, perfect.

    Well managed at every stage, taking big chances all the time.

    They did very good, witty , press conferences.

    And at the core of it all, hugely gifted artists who delivered the goods.

  22. This is Kept Woman by the Seattle band Fleet Foxes – stunning

    And this is a live acoustic version of the same song by singer Robin Pecknold with different lyrics – also stunning:

  23. Belfast has long had a reputation for being a punk rock stronghold. This was arguably the spark that lit the fire. East Belfast’s finest and the first release on Terry Hooley’s legendary Good Vibrations record label:

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