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This one is dedicated to some in the local media and to those foolish enough to believe what they read….

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  1. David,

    I have tried to message you personally- I am not sure if you are getting the messages.

    I have heard some rumours that your site was not infact hacked- but that it was you yourself who used a ‘hack’ as a cover for you and the TUV felt it necessary to ‘disappear’ some of your posts.


  2. Come on Pinky why would David have gone to all that hassle and trouble. By even raising these so-called rumours you are creating smoke where i doubt very much there was any fire at all.

  3. Colm, I am not trying to create smoke- I am asking a question. I think David is aware of the ‘talk’ circulating. I have sent him personal messages all week regarding the issue. I think it is soemthing David should address if he is aware of the issue.

    I could counter accuse you of stirring where there is nowt to stir, Colm.

  4. Pinky

    By mentioning it here publically, you are tainting David’s reputation. If he really was unhappy with some posts or threads he could have just easily removed them as they faded back through the historic pages of ATW. It would have been a lot less troublesome and much much easier to do. I am not stirring anything. I just think you should have kept these allegations private unless you had proof of what had been suggested.

  5. Colm,

    If David wishes to, he should remove my query. I would have no problem with that. My intention was not to taint DV’s reputation.

  6. Pinky,

    Where would one hear rumours like that? On the web? Locally? I have not seen anything suggestive of this, but then perhaps you are more at an advantage if your are more local to dv than the rest of us. Could this be after the lurgan mail thread? It would be a strange thing to only remove some posts, while his views on most things are well known.

  7. Pinky – I don’t know how to contact you personally so I’ll have to use this thread to address this most important issue.

    Rumours have been circulating for some time now that you are actually a paranoid dyke living alone on the abandoned island called “Smear” located just to the left of the island called “Disingenuous”


    btw, my intention is not to taint your reputation 🙂

  8. Hi Pinky!

    Not got your messages. Yes the rumours are true. I decided to put myself through hell and cost and hack impersonating a noted hacker (part of the cunning plan) in order to remove my ATW commentary of which I am so proud. Meanwhile, back on planet earth…

  9. I need more air-time to put them across. Give Nolan a call and ask where NI’s most charasmatic hardline unionist is never on these days. If this goes on I am changing my name to Dawn Purvis – it’s the only way!!!!

  10. “Give Nolan a call and ask where NI’s most charasmatic hardline unionist is never on these days”

    Yes David, Willie Frazer has been notably absent from the airwaves recently 🙂

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