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Because it’s Friday night that’s Music Night: now on with the rock n roll –

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  1. Oh my Goodness!
    What a horrible noise!
    Stop trying to be trendy.
    Listen to classics like this…

    It gives you time to mellow, as you sip your beer;
    and grieve for what was once
    the innocence of your youth
    Where every issue of importance was seen as either
    Black or white.
    And you remember those times of your youth
    as you share the wisdom of today…

  2. At least it is not the band whose name is the same backwards and forwards, and whose music is like that too.

  3. Tarasov,
    your endorsement of my comment proves that even the most ardent of Communist purists can occasionally succumb to Capitalistic corruption… πŸ™‚

    There is no greater tribute to our lost and sometimes misspent youth than gathering with others around a blazing fire, watching the sparks fly into the heavens whilst we listen to the sweet and seductive strains of some old ballad and remember what we once were…
    I have many sweet memories of the joys of my youth
    I’m in a good mood,

    So PEACE, Mr Tarasov,

    On you
    Your parents
    Your Grandparents

    And all who have the misfortune
    to be your progeny..
    BIG smiley face πŸ™‚

  4. Well,
    I hate to admit it
    But that’s a lovely song
    Beautifully sung.
    To fall in love with a girl who bewitches and befuddles your mind
    with her smile
    and the curve of her breast
    and the smoothness of her thighs

    And to make children together
    And through the smoking years
    watch them grow
    strong and true

    is the nearest thing you heathens will ever get to
    Godly perfection πŸ™‚

    Well done Peter.

  5. Glad you appreciated it, Agit.

    But that’s a lovely song
    Beautifully sung.


  6. Pete – that needed the video which, if I recall, had Girls School and Philthy Phil (the drummer) in a neck brace following a motorbike accident.

    This is brilliant, featuring the best musicians especially Vinnie Colaiuta, and singer. It raises the bar somewhat, although I have fond memories of Motorhead:


    I saw Motorhead in Glasgow in 1980 on the very night that Ronald Reagan was elected. Sore ears but very happy about the result in the US.

  7. Now here, I can agree with your music taste, PM. I’m not generally a metalhead, but Motorhead are OK by me. They’re not a ‘metal’ band as per Maiden or Priest etc, they’re just a loud, raucous, down ‘n’ dirty, no-frills Rock n Roll band. And I like ’em. Plus, Lemmy is a cool dude.

  8. Ha ha, I posted the above before actually playing the video (as I thought, from the title caption, that this was a song called “Inferno” which I had never heard). Now that I click and play it, I see that it’s actually one of my very favourite MH songs, a ‘duet’ with GirlsSchool which was released in Feb 1981 as part of the ‘Valentines Day Massacre’ EP. This song regularly blares out of my car, on one of my self-burned mix CDs.

  9. Allan@Aberdeen –

    Yep, I went looking for it without success. All I could find was the TOTP appearance which had a terrible sound on the recording.

    Tom Tyler –

    Yep, Motorhead are mischaracterised as a heavy metal band. They’re a very loud, dirty, rock n roll band.

    The ingratiates above might say this song by Johnny Kidd and the Pirates is a great rock n roll number. Well it is, but the MH/Girlschool version is just the same, albeit with a Marshall stack thrown in.

  10. Paul,
    That’s a lovely song too.
    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of him before, but he reminds me a bit of the Fureys, (as in The Green Fields of France) but more refined.
    Super lyrics.

  11. It’s a WB Yeats poem put to music Agi. Christy Moore is probably the most popular singer / songwriter in Ireland having played in both Planxty & Moving Hearts before going solo. But beware! I suspect his politics will put you off him.

    Just to get you started:


    Take That Patty? You are insane.

  12. Paul,
    Christy Moore’s politics?
    I’ll have to have a look.

    What interests me more at the moment is why whenever I mention my liking of the Fureys and Davey Arthur, no-one but no-one ever offers a “Yay! or a Nay!”
    What is it about them that merits the silent treatment? Has it anything to do with their social backgrounds?

  13. Pauly,
    You mean this?

    “Moore is best known for his political and social commentary, which reflects a leftwing Irish Republican perspective, this despite the fact that his mother was a Fine Gael county councillor and parliamentary candidate in Kildare.[4] He supported the republican H-Block protestors in the 1970s and 1980s with the album H-Block in 1978, the launch of which was raided by the police, and The Spirit of Freedom.[5] He has also recorded songs by the hunger striker Bobby Sands. However, in 1987 he ceased supporting the military activities of the IRA as a result of the Enniskillen bombing.[6]

    Individual political songs he has performed throughout his career include Mick Hanly’s ‘On the Blanket’ about the protests of republican prisoners, his own ‘Viva la Quinta Brigada’ about Irish volunteers in the Spanish Civil War and his own ‘Minds Locked Shut’ about Bloody Sunday in Derry.

    Moore has endorsed a long list of left wing support causes, ranging from El Salvador to Mary Robinson in the 1990 Presidential Election.[2] At Glastonbury Festival in 2005 he sang about the Palestinian solidarity activist Rachel Corrie.

    With typical Moore social consciousness, he opened the festival marking Ballymun’s inception as Dublin’s first Fairtrade Town on 23 November 2006. Ballymun, once synonymous with social deprivation and drug problems, is currently the largest urban regeneration project in northern Europe.”


  14. Commet awaitin mderation

    Yep, that’s precisely what I mean.
    Never a big fan of The Fureys but I do like this:

  15. Pete – that needed the video which, if I recall, had Girls School and Philthy Phil (the drummer) in a neck brace following a motorbike accident. – allan@aberdeen

    I believe the neck brace was for a broken neck he received after falling off the shoulders of a drunk fan outside the Europa Hotel in Belfast, Allan.

    As for Motorhead – how can anyone not like Motorhead?? Philistines indeed πŸ™‚

  16. I don’t like noisy tuneless and tasteless music full stop.
    Even Jimi Hendrix failed to rattle my cage.

    Santana? MWhehh!, not bad.
    Leonard Cohen
    The Fureys
    The Beatles
    The Shadows of course.
    Cliff Richards
    most of the ’60s stuff
    Some of the ’70s.
    Penguin Cafe Orchestra
    Classical music
    Barbra Streisand
    and now, Christie Moore

    Motorhead is for guys who like to think they’re wild and free, cutting the mustard, making a statement, mebbe smokin’ a little pot etc..
    Y’know regular macho guys…. πŸ˜‰

  17. Maybe Motorhead is for people who just like Motorhead?”

    You have every right to like rubbish like that.
    Just think before you inflict on us more delicate souls…. πŸ™‚

  18. Agi, I don’t have tantrums… πŸ™‚

    Motorhead are a seriously good band, Agi. You should try listening to a bit more of them πŸ™‚

  19. “Motorhead are a seriously good band, Agi. You should try listening to a bit more of them”

    I think hitting myself over the head with a rubber shillelagh whilst sitting in the bath with a cloth over my face, might have the same effect.

    No it ain’t
    YOU’VE been a bad boy Seimi.
    You just don’t know it yet.

  20. Seimi –

    It’s approved and posted now.

    Two or more hyperlink thingies in a comment sends it off to moderation automatically.

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