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Because Friday night is Music Night.

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  1. A great band and a great bunch. Had a drink with them in the Europa hotel in Belfast in 1989.

    Given ATW’s penchant for decrying the loss of yesteryear perhaps this is more appropriate?

  2. Paul McMahon –

    I’ve always liked the band and the song. Now it reminds me of the weekend.

    Keith Arthur presents his “Fisherman’s Blues” angling show on TalkSport radio between 6am-8am every Saturday and Sunday morning and that’s his theme tune. Fishing was my main thing growing up but I haven’t been for years. I’m usually on my way to hiking somewhere when he’s on air and I like to listen to it. Dunno why, maybe it’s listening to callers already on the river bank at dawn that takes me back to when I used to do that kind of thing.

    Plus it’s about the only thing worth listening to on the station.

  3. The song reminds me of sailing in to Tory island on a fishing boat in fairly rough seas. We were already fairly merry anyway, but as the waves started crashing over the sides, someone started singing Fisherman’s Blues, and it became the theme song for the weekend. Any time I’ve been back to the island (nowadays they have a ferry which, whilst being more comfortable, isn’t anywhere near as much fun), I think of this song.

  4. Great song, from such a superb album. If it was possible to wear out a CD, I would have worn it out.

    Might have to dig this one out again.

    And ya, ” Bang on the Ear ” was so fine too.

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