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Because Friday night is Music Night …

I’ve never cared much for song lyrics. For me, music is all about the sounds; the riff, the groove, the beat, how that package makes you feel. What the singer’s going on about has never been of much interest unless the lyrics are particularly clever, but even then it’s the music which would have brought me to them.

Just as well then, otherwise I might not care for this old Misfits gem. Glenn Danzig put together a punk band with horror themes which seemed to enjoy (gasp!) a bit of a shock. Well they’re just words on a page. Don’t listen if you’re easily offended, or just ignore the shouty bits. Otherwise, click the play button for some pretty groovy sounds which go surprisingly well with the video –

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  1. Have to say that I’ve got a soft spot for The Misfits but Danzig himself is an absolute tool.

  2. The dancing, and the jazz instruments didn’t match the moronic soundtrack.
    Next one please…

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