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I see that Aileen Quentin, one of ATW’s longest established patrons is around the site today and I did have to smile at the fact that she now happens to share the same initials as the world’s worst Islamic terrorist organisation. So, this song is dedicated to Aileen, I think she’s a fan of this band…hope she likes it.  

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8 thoughts on “ATW GLAM JUKEBOX!

  1. LOL David I missed this and yes I was and am a big fan of TRex. First record I ever bought was Hot Love.

    I do wish the other lot would change their name. I’m sure I was AQ first

  2. Alan,

    Agreed. Let’s not allow ageing to spoil things.


    You’re the original AQ!! Glad you liked the tune, it was that, Hot Love or Metal Guru!!!

  3. Alan

    Directing Hot Love towards an Islamic terrorist organisation is very dangerous ;o)

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