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….AND one more for the road. Now then, this is a magnificent song, with a distinct nod to The Byrds, from my favourite male singer. Such a clever lyric and best of all, buckets of bad attitude….you see I too used to be disgusted but now…

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13 thoughts on “ATW LATE NIGHT JUKEBOX

  1. Hi David,

    Had the pleasure of seeing a singer from Bangor play the Village in Dublin last Friday night, Foy Vance. Any relation?
    Very talented singer/songwriter. Highly recommended listening.

  2. Q4Andy,

    Wasnt Foy Vance down for Oxegen as well ?

    Another good musician from Bangor would be Iain Archer. Used to write songs for Snow patrol no less.

  3. How did he get on David. There can be quite a lot of hassle at it in terms of drunk muppets wrecking tents and robbing stuff.

    Ive been at it every year since it started, but after spending two days up to my ankles in mud this year, i reckon im just getting too old for it. My younger brother is taking over the mantle

    You wouldnt believe the amount of NI regs at Oxegen, its a good event for some cross border interaction.

  4. Ah Electric picnic is the way to go. Oxegen is always a bit of a mudbath and 80,000 young ones just finished their Leaving Cert would absolutely wreck my head.
    In fairness Aiken always put on a good show. The Electric picnic has a unique buzz about that oxegen could never match.

  5. Ive been meaning to catch EP alright. Might go for it next year. I payed out extra at oxegen this year to kip in a special campsite run by an english company. It proved to be a very wise decision.

  6. Was that the boutique camping crowd. I’ve seen the buses and the Bedouin tents at the EP last year.Very comfy, plus ye get yer own private bar. Great idea

  7. There are teepees and a few wooden huts and then the tents where we stayed. Its probably the same crowd.. no bar, but decent private showers and no hassle from security with lighting BBQs. It worked out at 60 notes each extra and for the hassle free weekend, i reckon its worth it.

    Who are the big ones for EP this year ?

  8. Kloot,

    My son loved it – muck and all! When you’re young, nothing fazes you. He loved all the bands and I think alcohol consumption was reasonably low!

  9. For me, I’m looking out for the Chemical Brothers, Damien Dempsey, the Good the Bad and the Queen, Primal Scream, Bjork, Duke Special, manic street preachers and modest mouse.
    Not a big fan of Iggy and the Stooges but will still try and catch them

  10. Nice line up there Q4Andy. Damo is a personal favourite of mine. Ive travelled the country to catch him.

    David, good to hear that. Most who go do enjoy themselves. I presume your washing machine at home, like my folks one, took a beating after the oxegen weekend as well. My mother eventually gave up and threw out some of my brothers clothes.

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