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Have a good evening, dear readers. Whatever it is you’re doing, wrap up warm because it’s a chilly one tonight as it has been for some time. In fact it’s been the coldest December for a decade. You’d imagine the BBC would be able to bring us the news what with it being so keen to tell us all the latest from the world of climate change, but would you believe it, I can’t spot a peep from the rotters anywhere. You don’t get much for your £3billion a year now do you?

You don’t get much on TV either, looking at the schedules. What a pile of old tat they’ve in store yet again. I’d have a good mind to complain if I wasn’t already a tellie tax dodger.

So it’s the sofa of sloth for me and one of these new fangled DVD thingies. Choices and decisions sometimes come easy. War is necessary and it’s been too long since I saw this magnificent, heartwarming tale of sticking it up Johnny Frog. Have fun, whatever you’re up to.

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  1. "PD James out to scupper BBC and Mark Thompson with maritime metaphor"

    ‘Guardian’ article , today.


    " I think [the BBC] has changed," said Baroness James, who was one of its governors between 1988 and 1993. "And sometimes it seems like a very large and unwieldy ship that’s been floating there since 1920 taking on more and more and more cargo, building more decks to accommodate it, recruiting more officers – all very comfortably cabined, usually at salaries far greater than their predecessors enjoyed – and with a crew somewhat discontented and some a little mutinous, the ship rather sinking close to the Plimsoll line and the customers feeling they paid too much for the journey and not quite sure where they’re going, or indeed, who is the captain."

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