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It’s all go in West Essex, dear reader, defending truth, justice and the capitalist way of life. So have yourselves an open thread. If you’re stuck for words here’s a randomly generated snap for you to look at while you think of something.

Whatever you like, but play nicely.

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39 thoughts on “ATW OPEN THREAD

  1. ‘Defending the truth’ appears to be important thing in this ‘debate’…

    Now, spot the real ‘terrorist’?

    It’s not rocket science !

  2. Err, okay, i will give ot my best shot… Barry Oblimey, is about as American ‘borm and bred’ as … me?

  3. Sorry to be blunt.. but ‘Bollocks’ i meant

    I will give IT my best shot ( for all it’s worth)

  4. There’s more by the way… Barry Oblimey, is about as usefull, as a chocolate teapot?

    No, okey dokey, what about as usefull as a ‘wearing a boxing glove, whilst attempting, to scratch ones arse’?

  5. A question for the gadget people –

    I’m looking at buying a new TV, for viewing TV and DVDs, none of this gaming malarky. HD required and a screen about 48-50″ for make glorious screening of England’s Rugby World Cup triumph later this year.

    Should I be after LCD, LED or plasma?

    Walked into Comet the other day, saw hundreds of the things, didn’t know where to begin, walked back out again.

    Can anyone offer advice in English please?

  6. LED.. E-Bay ?

    I bought a 42″ ‘Floating screen’ Sony + Surround sound gubbings for…. £350?

    I love it?

  7. My mishtake.. Shorry.. i meant LCD.

    I have the full Monty package here, 100’s of channels,( including naughty ones) i don’t watch it, but my neighbour does, and i get many HBO HD channels, it;s really. really good.. and i am not ‘forced’ to pay a Pravda State approved ‘Television licence’ either?

  8. It’s of no use, looking towards the invisible skypixie for assistance, it’s gone way past that?

  9. Pete

    You don’t need a TV. Just get yourself a nice old fashioned Bakelite crystal wireless set that only broadcasts pre-1940 Home service programmes and close your eyes and wallow in the comfort of a pre-Socialist pre-feminist pre multi-culti pre progressive old Blighty 😉

  10. ‘Oh God’ or ‘God Help us’ and the difference is.. what exactly?

    Jesus wept, and, Christ on a bike … Hail mother of Mary? you want ‘controversial’ i am your man for the job?

  11. Honestly.. Matt, you really did.. look, here it is again..

    At 2011.03.29 19:39, Matt McCarthy said:
    God help us!


    See, i told you so?


  12. Thank you chaps, that’s the kind of advice I like.

    It looks like I’ll be going for a HD Vera Lynn on Yesterday TV in 50 of our imperial plasma inches.

  13. Just don’t [even think] about leaving you ‘HD Vera Lynn on Yesterday TV in 50’ on ‘Standby’… even polar bears, have feelings, ( and a life apparently)… so, switch it off, when not in use, and save a ‘Global warming’ righteous drone from fainting?

  14. LED technology is still very expensive. If you are looking to watch fast moving television (like sports) Plasma is still the way to go.

  15. Where in west Essex Pete, I brought up my 2 eldest in Sawbridgeworth, just over the boder?

  16. If you wish to view “England’s Rugby World Cup triumph later this year” you don’t need a new TV, you need some hallucinogenic drugs.

  17. Errrr, Pete, word in your shell-like? If a certain fact which you have told us about yourself many times is true, then I take it that you are aware that there are certain …risks involved when someone such as yourself purchases a brand new televisual receptor from a major retail outlet? Something to do with the requirement to provide your name and postcode, and computers communicating with each other?

  18. I’m back in action.

    In case you haven’t noticed, or more like don’t care I’ve been abscent for the past month.

    I’d like to say I was on a religious retreat contemplating my navel, however I was locked away (more or less) in an institution (again) getting the old 250-volt to the brain anti-schizoid treatment.

    I feel better now!

  19. Indeed it is Pete, I’m back there often. Always nice to partake of some real ale when I get the chance.

  20. I bought a 47 inch LG LCD (actually made by Samsung) one late last year. Superb screen.
    In Curry’s they had two identical LG 47 inch screens next to each other. One plasma, one LCD both playing from the same source. The LCD was noticeably sharper. Again they had three identical screens playing from the same source nearby. One connected with a co-ax cable, one SCART and one HDMI. The HDMI one was sharper. So I have an LCD fed by HDMI from my Sky HD box….stunning.
    I actually bought the same screen elsewhere after I googled a better price …thanks Curry’s.


    Now all I have to worry about is the fact I have a 47 inch TV next to a 48inch window…juxtaposed it looks absurdly ‘gi-gong-rous’. Well I do live in efficks.

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