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It must be a day for capitalists to be out saving capitalism. So have yourselves an open thread, decorated with a Peak District stag. House rules apply, though a fat lot of good they are.


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42 thoughts on “ATW OPEN THREAD

  1. God dammed little of it in the East Coast either. A dusting after Sandy, and that’s been largely it.

    I’d like a foot of snow next week, and all the beauty and disruption that it brings.

  2. -5.5C here in Norfolk.
    I will be wearing my boots and a sheep stuffed down each pyjama leg tonight.. 🙂
    I was out this morning clearing pavements, half an hour later it’s snowing again.
    Yay for snow! I love it.

    Funny how we got talking about cocaine
    which I believe is sometimes referred to as “snow” by ATW users?
    I think snow messes with your head..

    I’ve been shovelling “snow”!
    It’s cold out there.
    My fingers are tingling
    And so are my gums!

    My neighbours watched me doing laughing and turning cartwheels in the “snooooooww”


    Shoot me somebody.

  3. There could be plenty more snow in the next few weeks.

    Piers Corbyn has put a warning up on his front page. He makes his living by offering subscription services so that’s unusual. Some swear by predictions, though I have no idea how accurate they are. He’s showing full confidence here.

    Other places are predicting some pretty cold cold too. Apparently some warming’s going on in the stratosphere, causing a polar vortex thing to collapse, meaning that cold air is flooding out from the Arctic. Nope, I have no idea either but weather people seem quite excited.

  4. Heavy snow here last nifgt, extremely heavy rain and slush today.

    All in all it’s been a hateful few days weather wise.

  5. So, it’s RIP to HMV music stores….yes, but it was RIP to the Coach & Stables upon the invention of the motor car. “The economy” is not all about keeping people in jobs, it’s about giving people more of the stuff they want in more cost-effective ways than before. The motor car meant that we could all go further more cheaply and quickly than on horseback, and so the mp3 gives us music quicker and cheaper than the CD.

  6. I have an HMV voucher 🙁

    Still I don’t think the demise of HMV is anywhere near as sad as the demise of Woolies 🙁 I loved that shop. When I moved to London and was strapped for cash but trying to set myself up, it was invaluable.

  7. Oh, me too, Paul! I love my old vinyl collection, and what’s more, the sound quality of a good 12″ single beats the CD hands down, as long as the vinyl was mastered/cut correctly.

  8. For example, I always thought that the vinyl mastering of The Jam’s singles was expertly done. “Going Underground” and “Start” simly boom out of the speakers, the bass rips your eardrums off in a way that just isn’t so on the CDs.

  9. I have just moved from my Dell laptop to MacBook Pro and in th course of the switch I seem to be missing many tracks from my ITunes. Some of them I have on CD so I am ok, I feel kinda vulnerable when I don’t have the CDs. The advantage of downloading is the instant access not the price (for me).

    On a similar vein, I used to LOVE the Books Etc chain. I would spend ages happily checking out the books and then go home and order them from Amazon. I can’t have been the only one and Books Etc is no more.

  10. On the subject of rock music, isn’t it always so depressing how most bands release a great debut album but then the magic slowly fizzles away over time? There are only a handful of bands who actually get better and better as they go on. In my opinion, one such example is Husker Du, a band from Minneapolis, who existed from roughly 1981 until 1987. If you’ve never heard of them before, their sound is sort of like “Motorhead plays the Beatles” (and writes songs just as good). Check them out in reverse-order of releases, starting with 1987’s “Warehouse: Songs And Stories”. A fabulous band, IMO.

  11. I loved vinyl but hated the scratches that came with them.

    I thought the first CDs were a miracle from heaven since they had no scratches

  12. I bought ‘All Mod Cons’ on CD and played it back to back against my vinyl copy Tom – no contest.

    Speaking of The Jam, this is them at their absolute peak;

  13. “Trye Tom but how I long for the intimacy of vinyl.”

    I’ve got two cases of LPs, Some in good nick, some poor. An eclectic mix, I would like to get shot of them before the Big Sleep..

  14. Aileen,

    “I have just moved from my Dell laptop to MacBook Pro and in th course of the switch I seem to be missing many tracks from my ITunes.”

    Anything you got from iTunes you should be able to download again. Open the itunes app, go to the store and look for ‘purchased’.

  15. Ebay?
    Makes me go weak at the knees! I don’t understand how it works, and frankly can’t be bothered.
    I don’t know why, but I’m not very good at selling stuff on line. I would rather do it face to face or just give it away.

  16. “When You’re Young” was one of their greatest, Paul.
    Wasn’t that the one with “Smithers-Jones” on the B-side (the “normal” version, much better than the violin-version on the album). Their next one was “Eton Rifles”, which I never really liked alkl that much, but again, I loved the b-side “See-Saw”.

  17. //tracks from my ITunes. Some of them I have on CD so I am ok, I feel kinda vulnerable when I don’t have the CDs//

    I don’t know if I’m doing anything wrong with Apple, but it always seems to me to be some big monster that picks you up and does with you what it wants, but never lets you out of its grip.
    You slip in a CD (iMac) and after a few buzzes it asks you if you want to import the music or something – either you say Yes, and then forget about music for the next half an hour while it grabs the stuff on the CD, or you say No and it chucks you out. You can’t simply slide in the CD and start listening to the music; that would be giving you too much freedom, and the Apple wants all that.

    Going from system to system with iTunes is a nightmare. I’ve lost countless titles doing that. The iCloud solves a lot of those problems, but again it wants to take over too much and too early.

    You want to buy an e-book in a foreign language – but your iPad knows your native language so immediately switches to UK books and just as quickly tells you the book is – well, obviously – not available there. It does the same with Amazon.
    As far as I know, there is no way of getting it to go and stay on the Amazon of a foreign country, it will always switch back.

    And then I was in SLO for Christmas and spent about 2 hours trying (in vain) to get The Hobbit as e-book to read on the iPad. I could see the book tantalisingly there waiting for me on several sites when I googled it – and then I rubbed my fingers numb on the screen trying to access it. Each time the bloody browser switched me to the local country, where the book is of course not available.

    The iPhone is the same. Many times it seems to be able to do everything in the world, except receive phone calls.

    I don’t want all this comfortable and fancy technology, I want stuff that does what I want it to.
    Meanwhile, I thank God for creating Bill Gates.

  18. Frank

    Thanks for that I hadn’t realised.

    Some f the stuff I have lost are things from other sites but opened in ITunes. I have them somewhere on my old laptop.

  19. Sleet with possible snow in Austin tonight. I usually don’t mind bad weather since it’s so rare here, build up a roaring fire then hunker down with a good book, but I have to deliver a boy to symphony practice tomorrow morning at 6 AM and I hate driving on icy roads. Scares the bejesus out of me.

    I had a difficult time pulling my itunes library off of my old mac when I bought a new one. Thankfully my son’s roommate worked in the Apple tech department so he came over and got it all transfered for me.

  20. Smithers – Jones was indeed the b – side Tom and the original version is infinitely better than the violin remix.

    In terms of ‘b’ sides the I always find the ‘b’ side of ‘Strange Town’, the Butterfly Collector, immensely sad.

  21. In terms of ‘b’ sides the I always find the ‘b’ side of ‘Strange Town’, the Butterfly Collector, immensely sad.

    You took the words right off my keyboard!

  22. I have a couple of questions for you guys.

    How old were you when you found your first girlfriend?

    What do you think the appropriate dating age is for teenage boys?

  23. Yeah, “Butterfly Collector” is a stinging song, but I’ve never been 100% clear about who Weller is gunning for, in that song. Is he singing about female b-list celebs who attach themselves to male celebrities? ..Or maybe not. “There’s tarts and whores, but you’re much more: you’re a different kind ‘cos you want their minds…. but you surely must know the appeal between your legs has worn off” – so he’s not singing about anyone young. I’ve never quite understood who is the subject of his anger, in that song.

  24. Daphne

    Not a merely hypothetical question I suspect 🙂

    I would say that every generation knocks a couple of years off the answer. In 100 yrs it will be 8 !

  25. Hi Daphne, hope you are well. Just to answer you, I think I was probably somewhat of a late developer, I was 22 when I had what I would term my first “proper” girlfriend, ie, someone who I think both me and her tried our very best to mutually work hard at having a good relationship.
    as for “appropriate age”, I think it varies from person to person. I remember at school, there was a guy called Ron, who had a steady g/f (can’t recall her name) all the way since we were about 13 yrs old, through to when we were 16 (we lost touch at that point, so whether they got married or broke up I don’t know). Mind you, Ron was one of the few among us lads to find such a relationship at that age.

  26. Hey Tom, I’m asking because my 13 going on 14 year old son recently told me he is too young to have a proper (love that perfect word) girlfriend. He said, “I can’t even drive, Mom.”

    He’s been in love with Brigitte since the fourth grade, goes to every middle school dance with the girl (five a year with parents carpooling), buys her Valentine cards and eats lunch with her nearly every day. She’s a nice young lady and so wintery blonde it makes my eyes hurt.

    They never talk on the phone or email, neither one has a facebook page. I’m rather relieved, but their relationship seems charmingly odd and quaintly out of step considering how many of their friends are “seriously going together.”

  27. I’ll buy a pint for someone who invents a “click this to transfer your iPod sounds onto your iTunes thingy on Windows 8”. This shit’s supposed to be easy.

  28. Daphne –

    I was 12 when I had my first proper girlfriend. Amanda Fitzpatrick was her name. Lovely girl.

    By the way, fellas hate it when mum asks about girlfriends.

  29. Daphne, that sounds really sweet, and especially grown-up and mature of your son to say “Hey, mom, I can’t even drive, let alone have a ‘proper girlfriend'”! At their age, it’s really anyone’s guess as to whether they will make it all work out or not, but it’s probably nothing for you to worry about. Young men may fall in and out of love like crazy at that age, but still, a sensible, well brought-up young man of 13 will instinctively know how to treat a girl respectfully, no matter what happens. I’m sure your son is such a man.

  30. //my 13 going on 14 year old son recently told me he is too young to have a proper (love that perfect word) girlfriend. //

    That’s a very strange thing for a 13 yr old to say, I think.
    It’s like one of those paradoxes: if he is old enough to say that, he isn’t too young to have one, i.e. he is wrong.

    All this thing about “dating” is totally contrived and a bit silly IMO. Boys should have girls as friends all their lives, as simple as that. Maybe a romantic or sexual element will become part of it, but if it does it will come of its own sweet will, and is really no big deal anyway. Friends are honest and caring with each other. No parent should be concerned about what friends get up to.

    How about you tell him that the best relationship between the sexes is friendship (at all ages. Alas it is also among the most difficult). All the other stuff will come naturally and in its own time if he can manage to get the friendship bit right.

  31. and especially venison sausages mix the venison with a little pork a little sharp provolone and spices. Stuff it all together just pure heaven.

  32. Noel, I think he’s got the friendship part down pretty well. My Sam is a truly sweet, super responsible kid.

    Guess I’m a little anxious about when the hormones kick in, his older brother was off to the races at fifteen.

    I know, Pete. But I have to pry once in a while, I’m his mom.

  33. I’m hoping this thread is still being read..
    Today Mr Agit8ed had two tasks to complete.
    One was to deliver Mrs Agit8ed safely to work, two to visit our Post Office to find out shipping and insurance costs of an an unloved and unappreciated APPLE iMac to the States..
    The temperature had dropped to -9C this morning and Sir Agit8ed had to defrost the car because for some strange reason the vehicle gear lever had started to freeze in frosty weather..
    Imagine my delight when nearing our destination the temperature had dropped to -12C and Sir Agit8ed was unable to change gear coming off the slip road.
    With vehicles in front and vehicles behind, Agit8ed aka Stirling Moss wrestled manfully with the controls and pulled off the road.
    To shouted insults, swear words and invitations to spin on a single finger, he waited until the gear lever unfroze its self and delivered a wonderful woman to her workplace.
    What a man! What a hero!!
    What a weird car.. 🙁

  34. The weather was shitty here too today. It was cold and it rained, a depressing rain, that got into every fold, nook and cranny of our suits, as we buried my aunt.

    It shouldn’t have been so. A happy, laughing person like that deserved a warm, sunny day for her funeral. But that, strangely, is life.

    But the laughter and warmth did reveal themselves, first of all in a very personal and heartfelt homily from the priest, who was also a neighbour, and then in the beautiful singing during the mass (by my daughter), and finally afterwards, when we all went for tea, sandwiches, stew, and the odd pint or two, and we all recollected little moments in our relationships with her. Some happy, some sad, some laugh-out-loud hilarious, some poignant. But all in celebration of a wonderful woman, whose passing leaves this world slightly less rich in terms of warmth and humanity, whilst also giving all those who were fortunate enough to know her, the chance to celebrate her life and her accomplishments.

    Codladh sámh a chroí.

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