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A busy busy day, so have yourselves an open thread. As always, house rules apply.


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13 thoughts on “ATW OPEN THREAD

  1. I see the DUP have had an eventful day too…


    Also, Tom Buchanan (DUP) has submitted a written question to the Education Minister, John O’Dowd (SF), asking why a high level of Irish is required of students wishing to study to be teachers in Irish Medium Education. When it was explained to him that it was a priority because they would be teaching through the medium of Irish, Mr. Buchanan commented that there was still ‘an element of dicrimination’.

    Trying to find an English language version of this story. The only ones I’ve found so far are in Irish.

    Perhaps a high level of Irish is required to read the story too…

  2. Yeah, saw that regarding the DUP guy. Does that now mean that Jolly JImbo Allister will now refer to his erstwhile party as DUP / C18?

  3. //A man, a plan, a canal, Panama.//

    Phantom, better the first words ever spoken:

    “Madam, I’m Adam”

    BTW, that’s a good one above. I bet that was really said many times on those endless queues in eastern Europe in the bad old days.

  4. Genuine conversation I overhead a couple of days ago between 2 guys I saw who were both slightly drunk sitting outside a pub.

    Guy 1 ” I don’t care what anyone says Maggie Thatcher was brilliant. She was the best F**ing thing since sliced bresd”

    Guy 2 (red faced, angry, squaring up to guy 1) “I DON’T F**ING LIKE SLICED BREAD”

    Well it made me laugh πŸ™‚

  5. “There are three facts that tell you all you really need to know about climate science and politics. One: for all the uncertainty about the detail, every science academy in the world accepts the mainstream view of man-made global warming. Two: virtually every government, recognising the profound danger of tampering with the climate that allowed human society to thrive, has agreed the world must limit the global temperature increase to 2C – a level which isn’t by any means “safe” but may be enough to avoid the worst impacts. Three: the amount of warming we will experience goes up roughly in proportion to the total amount of carbon that global society emits – cumulatively….

    Here is the rub. Even if we gave up on all the obscure and unconventional fossil fuel resources that companies are spending billions trying to access and just burned the “proven” oil, coal and gas reserves – the ones that are already economically viable – we would emit almost 3tn tonnes of carbon dioxide. No one can say exactly how much warming that would cause, but it is overwhelmingly likely that we would shoot well past 2C and towards 3C or even 4C of warming….

    After less than 1C of temperature increase so far, we are already seeing some profound changes, including a collapse in Arctic sea ice coverage more severe than even the most pessimistic predictions from just a few years ago. (Brits secretly hoping for a hotter future, be warned: that collapsing sea ice may have caused the freakish jet stream behaviour that made 2012 the wettest English year on record and obliterated this year’s spring, both mere amuse-bouche for the feast of climate impacts expected in coming decades, even from the carbon we’ve emitted so far.)”

    Link here

  6. Colm- that’s brilliant.

    My favourite genuine overheard conversation went something like this:

    Elderly Man: Hello ……… , I haven’t seen you around for a while.

    Elderly Woman: I’ve been { explanation of what she had been doing, I wasn’t following the conversation that closely}.

    Elderly Man: Oh I thought you were dead!

  7. Nice one, Ross.

    The only good one I overheard was two men sitting behind me on a bus in Dublin:

    Dub1: “….An’ soon dey were all goin’ over to England and were all workin’ for yer man. An’ Johnny was workin’ for dere too.

    Dub2: “Wah? Don’ tell me he was workin’ for ‘im too!”

    Dub1: “I’m tellin’ yeh; dere was more fellas what was workin’ for ‘im than was wasn’t.”
    Once many years ago when RTE radio was in black and white (I know, I know..), there used to be a programme called “School Around the Corner”, where Paddy Crosby would visit schools in Dublin and talk to pupils and former students, almost always in very working-class areas.
    Once the programme was getting nowhere and Crosby asked if any of the boys saw anything interesting during the summer holidays.

    One boy started:
    “Well, yeh know, we go down to the country every ye-ar to me grandda’s house, an’ he has a horse. But, yeh know, there was a big hole in the middle of the fi-eld and last ye-ar the horse fell into it and broke his leg”

    Paddy Crosby: “An’ whah happened den?

    Boy: “Well, me grandda had to get a fella to get a rifle and put the horse out of his misery”

    Paddy Crosby: “Whah? Did he shoot the horse dere in the hole?

    Boy (in the tone of one dealing with rank stupidity) “No, he didn’t. He shot him in the head”

  8. Brilliant story Noel. I remember the episode of the horse in the hole like it was yesterday (but was about 55 years ago) It’s one of my stock stories, and always gets a laugh – particularly from young boys!

    About the same era there was the story about the County Council discussing the need for building a public urinal in the town’s courthouse. One Councillor didn’t know what this entailed. When he then understood that was a place where men could pee, interjected “Sure it’s not a urinal we need, its an arsenal!”

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