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Because Friday night is Open Thread Night.

Seems we’ve all been busy. I know I have, and it doesn’t involve watching the news but getting and about and some bracing walks to the fridge when back indoors. Have yourselves an Open Thread then. Since it’s Friday, you can have it garnished with some sounds, these being from the genius of the Brummie Brian Wilson, Roy Wood. And that’s a compliment to the Beach Boy.

Tell us what you know, or link to the sounds you like –

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5 thoughts on “ATW OPEN THREAD

  1. Wizzard and Slade, that’s the rule. Ask yourself, what would the Pub Landlord allow? That’s right, Wizzard and Slade.

    Having said that, The Waitresses have a snappy number and there are only 364 days until it can be posted in here, or 23 if you’re Troll, because “the Christmas Season” seems to start ever earlier according to him.

    Right, I have a few feet of Polish sausage to see to …

  2. I had to smile a bit when RT asked a Harvard professor last week why it was that the US is set to achieve around 5% growth in the coming months, in spite of the multifarious problems besetting the country.
    He replied: “The US economy is pretty much indestructible”.

    For good or ill, Russia has learnt a basic fact of life.

  3. On the subject of Russia, did anyone see the news that the KGB ruled out trying to recruit Tony Benn as an agent of influence because he was too stupid and full of crap?

    The KGB were quite astute at times.

  4. He replied: “The US economy is pretty much indestructible”.

    In other words, the Harvard professor – like all the Keynesians in that bastion of Keynesianism – hasn’t a clue.

    The American economy will not grow by 5% this year. What’s growing are the inflationary bubbles which the Fed’s chronic money printing is fueling, from coast to coast and in sector after sector.

    Economic growth is a growth in productivity. Productivity measures output per unit of input. I.e. economic growth implies a more efficient economy, with more output per the same units of input. You can spend on a Harvard degree and not hear basic facts like this, clearly.

    This 5% claim pertains to a growth in GDP, which is meaningless. This is what the NYT claims is behind it –

    The biggest revision that boosted G.D.P. was in personal consumption spending, the biggest engine of overall economic activity, which rose at a 3.2 percent annual rate, not the 2.2 percent rate earlier estimated.

    That’s not growth! Consumption spending is the opposite of growth. It consumes capital, it doesn’t add to it nor does it add to productivity. Of course the NYT has no idea what it’s talking about, because it’s just another Keynesian court mouthpiece.

    All this spending is fueled by inflationary money printing, which is flooding the economy. Another bust is coming, proving that no economy is indestructible, that’s guaranteed. All that remains is to see when.

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